"Error: You were disconnected from Blizzard services" every time


Almost every time I open up HotS I receive this message, Error: You were disconnected from Blizzard services. Sometimes if I’ve opened the game recently this doesn’t happen when I reopen it. But most of the time I get this error and have to type in my email and password. It used to be just the password, but since patch 41 now it’s email and password.


Hello Serenity!

Sorry to hear you’re running into this message… the detail about having to re-enter login information suggests that local cached data is either damaged or being prevented from saving correctly.

Let’s try clearing out the Battle.net app cache and let it try to rebuild the local data:

Deleting Battle.net Files

There may also be a Windows system setting preventing the local data from saving.

Secondary Logon Service

Please note that changing this setting requires a reboot to take effect.

The detail of being able to login fine if you’ve played recently, suggests we should also clear the cache on your network devices.

Power Cycling Your Network Devices

IP Release, Renew, and Flush DNS

Best of luck in your adventures :slight_smile:


I am having this exact issue and NONE of your suggested fixes have helped. Still getting an error of “disconnected to blizzard services”