End of life fixes for the game

Unlock all mounts, skins, emojis, banners, everything. Unlock all maps. Release any unreleased things to the community. Unlock boosts permanently. Allow the ability to change the main window background to any of the other themes you’ve rolled out over the years (some of us miss the easter egg ones). Bake in a rotating schedule for seasonal events like how you automate the Storm League season changes. Maybe even put in a map editor for the community too, out of respect. Let me do something with all this ingame gold instead of having to get shards or buy gems, let me buy the other items with gold too. It was your game, you’ve abandoned it. Let us have our game now.


I upvote this #savehots hope we get heroes 3.0. I’m just sad will maybe have to wait like 5 years to see it.