Encourage more players to take Tanks and Healers in QM

I know we already have this in “Call of the Nexus”, but I couldn’t fit that all in the title! I think the XP bonus should be more than we currently receive. The bonus XP hardly amounts to any kind of bonus when you play a “Call of the Nexus” hero, especially for veteran players who have heroes at high levels.

If it wouldn’t create any problems I’d like to even suggest a slight amount of gold (maybe 10) be attached to the bonus along with more XP. QM is usually a lot more fun when you get both a Tank and Healer (although I enjoy the unconventional blow up death ball comps), perhaps though to make this happen more often, there needs to be more incentive to play the less popular roles?

Comments, criticisms, suggestions, please have at it!


I agree. There needs to be some heavy incentive to play them, especially the ones that are very team reliant. Or 4-5 assassin games on ecah side will become more and more common.

An extra 10 gold or +200% XP would do the trick.


We got exp bonus for tanks and healers.
I remember in Wow they added bonus loot for healers and tanks when que were low on those to make people que up as those.

Maybe give tanks and healers one extra chest that are rare or epic and in rare cases legendary or playing those roles.

People already know dps vs dps teams are the norm in qm right now cause thats what all plays. Playing healer or tanks just dont attract that many people caus thier carry potential are low in qm unless you play with people who has a brain and dont walk headless around.

I actully loved when qm had forced tank/healer in them even tho I had to wait 6 min for a game but I would rather wait 6 min for a good comp then waiting 10 sec to join a hard stomp dps vs dps game where your team is full mage team and and enemy team got Nova/Zera, Butcher and Aba on thier team.


Yeah, I don’t want to sound selfish but I’m very cautious of going solo with low carry potential heroes into QM again. I’ve had too many bad experiences over the years when nobody soaks, is capable of doing damage or camps while I watch helplessly with a hero like Deckard Cain.

I might do it if the bonus is significant. But even then probably only if I have a friend who is playing a higher carry potential hero who can clear waves, do camps and kill players without help from teammates.


Bonus gold would be a good incentive. Being able to track how many times someone got upvoted on the MVP screen could help to. Especially if there were rewards for hitting certain milestones.

Its a shame people dont like healing more. Real good healing can be very fulfilling and it gets even better when randoms shower you in compliments after a game.
I think alot of what drives people away from healers and tanks is just general distrust in randoms. When I go solo as an assassin, I don’t see to many healers or tanks but when I play with my group, we’ll occasionally fight over who gets healer.

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I agree. Currently it is not worth picking heroes that would get the bonus exp. It needs to be a significant amount. Adding a gold bonus, or even shards would make for a better incentive.

As long as I have been playing FFXIV, this sort of feature has been in effect. They give a small amount of exp, a decent amount of Gil, and other sorts of currencies as well.

I feel the balancing should be about the same in HOTS too. A decent amount of gold and shards, a small amount of exp, and a random chance to get a lootbox.


4-5 stacks can abuse this easy. Just upvote all thier players only or one single player.
MVP screen is one of those cosmetic stuff I personally want removed since it tells nothing about who did good or bad.

We dont need any more stuff added to this game that favors stacked teams really.


Thats not a difficult problem to solve. Just don’t count votes from people in parties or maybe even friends like lots of other games do. But even then, would the consequences really out weigh the benefits? Something like this could potentially make players friendlier to.

That was one of my reservations, I wouldn’t want them to make it too attractive so that people who have no idea or interest in tanking or healing, pick one just for the rewards. Allowing groups or even solo’s to effect rewards via upvotes I think could lead to exploits.

Haha jokes on you my anxiety only let’s me take healers :rofl:🥲


Lol, people complain that they have no tank or healer, yet I got like 3 games with 3 tanks on each side so…

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I just play whatever I feel like playing (10 highest heroes: 3 healer, 3 tank, 1 bruiser, 1 support, 2 assassin and one of those was more from when Tassadar was a support)
Bonus XP wouldn’t change that.
Gold probably wouldn’t.
Maybe shards.

Or “lootbox fragments”
That wouldn’t just be random, and it could be influcenced to be whatever amount required to equal a regular lootbox.

But think about this.
The devs ACTIVELY went out of their way to discourage double healer comps in ranked (because apparently 3 dps is fine, but 3 healers isn’t.)
They frequently designed more dps characters than healers or tanks.
They kept reworking talents that gave tanks and healers wave clear and damage or interesting offensive utility like tower ammo drain.
Is it really a surprise that they become less picked in QM?

Though you do have influence over it.
Pick a healer. 100% chance there will be one in the match, and high likelyhood there will be a second.
I have seen 3 healer comps in ARAM, or 5 tank comps, definitely makes the game feel different, but people had to choose that and odds are they actually had a choice.
If people simply didn’t like it, even there you wouldn’t see it play out like that.

But at least your suggestion isn’t to require specific comps, just to encourage increased chances of it.


That’s interesting. Usually when I play quick match to try out heroes I haven’t played as before we don’t get a healer on our team, and we get a tank about half of the time.

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I think you’re right, it would probably need to be shards, most people aren’t interested in XP or Gold alone to encourage them to play.

It’s fine for me, I usually play Healer or Tanks. I would never make a “forced comps” complaint post on the forum. My hope would be that if they encouraged more people to play tanks and heals we would get less of those complaint post here.


That’s probably true, but I think people need to get to the root of why they feel this way about healers and tanks, but not other roles.

The truth is that for healer and tank mains, I’m betting that most of us don’t actually really mind playing solo in QM because our very presence makes bad teams better. We actually DO help carry. Beyond the fact that I enjoy playing healers, I also tended to pick them in QM because I also don’t really enjoy non healer games.

If people want to truly enjoy playing healers and pick them more, it helps if they don’t suck at them, and that’s a much harder thing to shape. Playing different roles sometimes has such fundamentally different philosophies, you sometimes have to deprogram yourself to do well.


Which is a more obvious impact to someone who doesn’t know the game, Cassia using fend and killing an enemy healer, or Brightwing using Pixie Dust, reducing some Living Bomb damage and granting movement speed to dodge Flamestrike, which combined prevent the ally from dying?

It’s like why people obsess over the Quarterback in football to the point that people who don’t watch the sport might think its the only position that matters.

As far as some people can tell, killing enemy heroes is the most important part of the game.

What do you do when you have to solo lane as someone without self sustain, like Jaina, or Murky?
Healer might be in the match, but they aren’t with you at all times.
That’s what globes and fountains are for.


Solo queue tank is a horrible experience.
You get 3 tanks an aba and a tracer while the enemy team has a well balanced team
There should be a cap like on healer max 2 heavy frontline (tank/bruiser)

I had that yesterday on Volskya. Two tanks one bruiser an Auriel and and Abby, we slapped! It was vs a 5 stack team, they had a balanced team comp, they lost hard. Probably one of my all time fun games on Diablo.

Yes that must be very satisfying but this is more of a complaint. On some maps like tomb or BoE if you have this comp. You loose. You just lack pve. Poke or objective

There are 3 frontliners and if I queue up as any other ranged assassin or maeive i get all assassins

That really depends on what tanks and briusers you have. Like, blaze has some good pve.