Encountering deliberate sabotaging in a match


I normally wouldn’t post something like this, but this case was just too bizarre, and something I haven’t seen before.
I encountered a Garrosh (named BillyDaRhino) on my QM team who used Garrosh’s allied throwing ability to actually throw teammates into the enemy team to die. He did this repeatedly, and when questioned about it even admitting he was trying to kill teammates with it. It was really astonishing to see something that blatant going on.
I did report them after the match for it, but I’m just curious if anyone else has ever come across something like this, and what you’ve managed to do about it, if anything?


with things being as they with this report system in place, chances are that you’ll get banned for confronting him in game using chat and nothing will be done about the player ruining games on purpose

report system needs to be looked at, it is automated and bans occur based on volume of reports alone, with decaying reports over time, this is why that someone that does this occasionally but consistently never gets punished

chances are bigger you’ll get punished for commentating people in chat than they are for blatantly throwing one game a day for a whole week, even when reported by full teams


Garrosh, no.
I had a Stiches player constantlly stealing my beating targets (was playing kharazim, focusing on lone divers and followup) He did that every time Illidian would get in our backline, and every time that actually helped them escape.
When i asked nicelly if he could hook targets that WONT DIE A SECOND AFTER, he got salty and started feeding.


heh : D
What a guy…looks like evil clown…
Maybe he testing trowing skill in situaciones only someone player is low hp and someone chaise him and cant catch it and he " think " can help…or be like " trowing catapult" heh : D

Im seen that befor…but players do that with mistake or cant or wich are not enough skiled and want to assist trow someone teammates when gonna be killed and to save his as.s with trow…for an axample Dehaka or Imperius or Zerarul( when cant astimatione smart his actions)…
Or he want fun like this way.

" heh : D is supper funny to trow my team mates into enemy team and spot for 100 % deaths, i luagh and have fun like this way"…" i will continue do that…i dont care what think rest peoples"…

and there is fun …:slight_smile:

Jesus…what a guy…muahahah : D


That’s why I just avoid responding to complainers mid game and even after the game ends. Most times they aren’t saying anything important anyway.

I always get a kick out of seeing whispers from an enemy teammate complaining because I hit “j” right before the core died. With Vikings there’s three mastery taunts at once! That might be too much to handle. I got some guy yesterday swearing at me and complaining “You’re not even good at this game, I just bought this character!”

Why even bother doing that? All you’re doing is increasing your chance of being reported.


Well they were already saying a lot of vulgar stuff, which I did report as well.
I was just really surprised to see someone literally throwing their teammates to their death, and admitting to doing it on purpose.


Yes, had the Garossh you discribed twice.

Had Stitches who went into 5 alone, and never forgot to pull one of his mates into death.

Or a Medivh who always put his portal into certain death (after the first i never used it)

So things happen, you can report but i would avoid to publicly name anyone on this forum as you can get bannned for it


I’ve seen people do the same with Tassadar walls and Leoric’s Tomb as well. Generally it doesn’t last very long until a ban happens.