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We will see about that.


hhahah :joy::rofl:what is there!?


ok ok
Give me a guide how to post image or video, and we done here :sunglasses:




  1. You can’t post images until you reach Trust Level 3, you are Trust Level 2, the requirements are written here and here.

  2. How do I know which Trust Level I am? Explained here.

  3. You can only post links by pasting it as long as it’s:
    3)Any Blizzard related website (Diablo, Overwatch, main website)
    5)Facebook (can’t confirm because I never use it but it should pass)

Any other link cannot and requires Trust Level 3.

However, you can always cover your link by making it a code by surrounded a non-whitelisted link with `` from both sides (https://imgur.com).


New Emojis added

Raven LOL | Puke | C’Thun

Coming Soon

Realm (WIP) | | |

They are half finished you can check them out now, please feel free to give me any feedback especially if they are small, big or any suggestions like adding realm based emojis.


20k posts read didn’t work :disappointed_relieved:

What else do I need to do to get trust level 3?


I have to read over 9000 more posts. I’m gonna need a whole pot of coffee and a lot of tobacco.


Give more likes?



Request: Zul’jin meh, Alex love, potato, Butch angry, Aba oops


Aba Oops is already on the list


Missed it somehow, mb :smiley:


New Section Added

Realms, map-themed emojis can be found here! From asking for gold to questioning which side you belong to

The correct side is "obviously"

The Pachimari Empire

New Emojis Added

As requested by Karabars





Q&A has been added

If I missed anything that isn’t answered feel free to post it down below.


Remember don’t add a Mal’ganis emoji or else this will technically be a hate thread.

edit: nvm i found him in ‘speechless’


Check the Speechless listing, you might be shocked for how long that emoji has been there.


nErF mAl’gAnIs nOw

sUpEr oP.


I know this is the wrong place to talk about nerfs but can we make his E go full cooldown during it’s cast? thanks




I love you too.