Emojis of the Storm™ 🎃


What? what?WHAT??? Wich one? :smiley:
Sombra? That one right? I hope so much!
I would make Mei, because winter… but i think we get Reinhardt


Very rich from the Hammond main, caught red handed.

We don’t know but I’m pretty sure we are getting one heheh…




Not enough minerals!


I should really make a thread just so whenever someone ask this question 100 times, I link it to them.


Isn’t it pretty much in the sticky just without a fast A to Z howto?


It explains about them in details but doesn’t explain “Which Trust level I am right now?”.


I sure I have enough Trust lvl to be trusted by you.


Correct. It has the criteria but it’d be helpful if they implemented a simple status we could check imo.


It’s so dumb lol, I like how that by default these should be available but nope let’s hide for some utter reason.

Also as was mentioned before:


Very cool!

(20 chars bruh)


Interesting :thinking:


I’m so far away from level 3 :frowning:


Well, when you all figure it out, let me know. =/



…AGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:




It won’t be enough it will never be enough.


lul, You sound like a school teach, “You two go and read more and then you can use your emoji’s.” :slight_smile:

PS, Is there a Brightwing Emoji pack? Even her smile emoji’s looks angry.


There’s :bwsilly: in the list, of course I really can’t add them because according to the other Overmoji cafe, a minimum 250~ emojis can be added because of 99000 characters limit.

There are almost 860~ facial expressions right now in the game, that would be impossible to add them all, this includes forms like Worgen, Human and without the themed emoji skins.


Hero portraits mask our identities.

Better call us “it”.