Echo from Overwatch: Nay or Yay?

Now that you mention it… yea


Assuming HotS only gets 1-2 new heroes per year, Echo has to wait in line for about 15 years.



I think that HotS only gets 2-3 new heroes per year, after Mei has to wait in line for months.

If you’re referencing Wall-E, it goes deeper than that. Having female robots resemble an iPod and having male robots resemble like… blocky piles of garbage is a fairly ingrained trope. I would be more bothered by Echo’s design if Orisa didn’t exist for contrast.

She becomes an enemy hero, which is a significant difference. Instead of having a safe pick to turn into, it encourages more case-by-case ult usage to grab whoever is best within range.


Or they could go the Mei route and mix things up and make it a trait?

But yeah, she has to wait. I have been waiting for The Overmind, Selendis, and Tosh for ages

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I’m Yay to any character.


blizzard already made it clear that they don’t want to allow cloning enemy heroes in HotS. this was decided years ago when they were still balancing ultimate evolution.

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Yeah, and? It is not necessary to completely copy a hero’s kit, there may be changes. An example of this is Dva, who has in OW her E as an Ultimate.

The fact of not giving to her, her original ultimate, does not prevent or complicate her being added to the game as your ignorance declares:

Good heavens, don’t complicate things yourself Vulture :grimacing:


Honestly we can just give her something else or make her copy other things. Imagine if you can copy mercs, bosses, and structures. That would be pretty cool.

Also even if you keep it I do not see an issue. Abathur can only copy his team, but Echo can copy the enemy.


That character simply would not be viable in hots, it would end up being the most op of all at launch.

yea, she look like a cool mage.

I’d like to see a citation, because I’d love to read those reasons. If it was in regards to Abathur, the reason may have more to do with Aba’s mechanics over some grand rule. Basically, UE is +1 body with no consequences, and having free reign on nine targets might have made him to too versatile. Echo trades one body for another, so is presence neutral, and can only turn into an enemy target in range. That makes it a lot more limited.

There certainly are reasons to have some rules in place. They’ve explained many times why things like mass rez and mana drain do not work in this game. However, if they find a reasonable way to implement it, they should absolutely go nuts. Cool ideas always trump old rules. Team 5 announced they would never add a new class to Hearthstone back in KotFT, and, well…


Maybe make it an E abillity where she can copy her allies and AA only, using her own abilities will break the illusion.

Or like Sylas, she can copy a basic ability instead of their ult. It could be coded to be random or last used ability.

I like this too. What if she can copy the enemy (Hero and username) in order to confuse them who’s who. She can use their abilities but they deal no damage or no heal.


I like this idea, she can be like the Spy from TF2.

Actumally its pronounced EEEEEEE-V

Pretty much this.
And it turns out she’s actually in Overwatch. I guess their creative team really got sacked or something and replaced with 2nd year students.

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They tried this in starcraft 2 - a unit that could copy an enemy unit. And it ended up in the enemy not using units that were too dangerous to copy, just because the concept of copying was in the game. DB was designer in sc2 back then, he clearly learned the lessons in HOTS.

By translation, it would basically happen the same way here. You won’t be blocking counters to your own comp by picking the counters as part of your comp. A hero that could copy another hero would be a 100% ban rate. For all eternity.

Why would anyone want a female OW hero that has no clothes. Such a low blow to the rule 34 community.

I wouldn’t mind Echo around here. The potential cloning got me thinking though, since I don’t think I’ve seen it in any match: can Abathur clone the Vikings or Chogall?