DVA's mech death should not count as death


What’s up!

I know DVA has been out for a while and probably got forgotten but i was playing with her just now and realized how irritating is that the mech death count as death, after all it’s just a skill that the pilot has. Making it quite sh*t to play. Maybe do smg about it?



I would be pretty annoyed if I did all the work to kill off the armor to have the weak hero run away and get nothing for my trouble.


Technically it counts only partly as a death. Her mech can die without ending killing sprees. However its death will progress some hero quests, such as Butcher meat.

It needs the 0.5 death count so as to punish D.Va for getting it killed. That 0.5 death count is 0.5 kills worth of experience.

When playing D.Va you want to avoid dying as a mech. Sure it is better to die as a Mech than have your allies die, but it is still experience for the enemies. Do it too much and they will have a level advantage and likely win.


It’s not a problem that it counts as half a death.
I do find it terrible that it counts as a full death for quest stacks. She already feeds hit stacks with her slow and fat hibox.


Murky, TLV and Rexar have this problem a lot worse…


I know, but unlike those (even Misha), D.Va isn’t forced to respawn when she loses her mech, even if it is similar to Undying.
But as far as I’m concerned, she’s still physically there, she’s not dead.


If that’s the case, they need to butcher her Mech Mode so hard it will be so bad as a result.

So no, besides she has a build that makes her unkillable when talented to it, if you want your mech back and don’t want to put yourself in danger, go shoot a merc camp for 15 seconds.


Do you mean Leoric?..


See Rexxar? Misha got killed has nothing to do with him, but the bear still give xp to the opponent. D.va’s mech is her Misha. You can chose not to spawn it again. Do if you do, you have given it life. And with life, there would be death. And a hero death will award xp to the opposing team. Simple logic.


She is forced to “respawn”. Her call down mech ability goes onto an ultimate length cooldown. Only difference is that she is still technically alive during this time for experience gain purposes.


Sure, I don’t mind all that. That’s how she is. But I think that incomplete kills shouldn’t give kill stacks for quests. Not just for D.Va.
Maybe that’s just me though.