D.Va is the best OW character in HOTS [THE REAL TRUTH]

Why? Because girl controlling a giant robot.

I also get 2 lives. They did this perfectly because it matches what us D.Va players do.



Neon Genesis Evangelion is the best anime confirmed by HanaSong, because two girls controlling a giant robot like D.Va? I like this theory. :wink:

But good D.Va player don’t feed, because they manage to get the Mech exploded before dying… only bad D.Va player feeds…


That was a OW reference.

A bunch of D.Va players feed.


Wow, it´s been a very long time since i´ve seen this one.


Your welcome for bringing it back up, because I am 100% correct.

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Can you show me where exactly the reference is from OW?

Hi HanaSong :sunglasses:
D.va is amazing, I agree btw. 2nd most fun hero. The first spot is obviously reserved for zarya.

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Junkrat is the best OW Hero. Hammond is the second. They both would get a bit lower if Bob would be a Hero. Release Bob!


Good to see some common sense around here :sunglasses:


You get to play two characters without needing a friend to play Gall.

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You found me :grinning:

Gall is overrated.

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“I also get 2 lives. They did this perfectly because it matches what us D.Va players do.”

You still die like all the rest of the overwhack characters.

It pains me so much when D.Va players feed their Mech to The Butcher and Alarak, not knowing (or caring sometimes) that it stacks these heroes.

D.Va has always been fun to play, but my favorite OW hero in HOTS is Zarya.

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I’ve been playing only (2) characters since i started 2+ years ago: Azmo & Hammer.

FINALLY picked up D.Va as my 3rd main. One thing i didn’t know for a while that pissed me off? When the robot dies… counts as 0.5 deaths. And the robot dies a LOT. I’ll go through a match losing the robot on/off and feeling like i hav’nt died once because i was always able to get away. ’

Then i take a peek at the stats…4-6 deaths. Just from losing the robot so much. The robot also doesn’t have as much health as you’d think. Some characters kill robot really quickly. Especially sucks after i’ve just gotten it back and i get showered with crap and lose it AGAIN. ugghhh.

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By feed you mean on Doritos and Mountain Dew

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You spelt Genji wrong

D.Va and Tracer are top 1 for me.

Lyrasona is back… nooo :dizzy_face:
Or is it Copypastable?

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But Genji needs healing!

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Except in OW, you don’t give XP to the enemy team.

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