Durotan for HOTS?

Durotan, Leader of the Frostwolf clan should 100% be added to Hots, he can be a bruiser and or assassin makes no difference to me, just want him in the game.
He could be a Rexxar/Misha type character with his wolf companion just a little more complicated and fun.

ult 1- Mak’gora, dashes towards an enemy unleashing his blood lust fists with a short stun and the end

ult 2- ally assist, tosses his axe to any ally allowing them to slam it onto an enemy dealing massive damage.

Please give this hero some thought, I would love to see my favorite orc come to the Nexus

What I would personally love to see (and am considering concepting) would be a Draka Durotan duo character, much like Cho’gall, but they can work separate. They both share a single white Frostworlf that work with their kit.

Durotan is centered around an aggressive dive/utility bruiser that uses the wolf to empower his basic abilities and execute team maneuvers. While unmounted, the wolf can attack and be attacked.

Draka mounts the wolf, shifting her abilities into more powerful, much more mobile versions of her normal abilities. While mounted, the wolf cannot take other actions and cannot be attacked.