Dumb things low ranked ppl have said 2.0

Been playing on eu so i have a new list

1 sylvanas hard counters abathur dont pick him

2 arthas is a tank why ask what im playing

3 ranked resets back to bronze every season will end smurfing


Armor doesn’t reduce spell damage.


Abathur: “WTF guys, soak. We need XP”

Everyone: “Focus Healer!!! Don’t hit tank. Learn 2 play noob”


Why is the healer solo?

Can you link 1.0? 20char

I dont see what is wrong with this? With aba most people do an aram and expect aba to doublesoak 2 waves and hat every target

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Aba can soak 2 waves though.

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depends on lane pressure. split pushers can run over a lane occupied only by a hat or occasional locust and create distraction problems. then stealthers and Medivh can also be distracting.


Does not matter. If you are at a level disadvantage all you can do is soak safely and try to stall safely as they will most likely win any team fight, especially given Abathur who might lack his ult at the time.


That’s stupid, I agree. - Aba is surely in disadvantage against heavy push strats, but it depends on the whole comp and not just Aba vs Sylvanas.

He is considered a tank by Blizzard. So he is a tank. No matter how good or bad he actually is. What is the problem with it?

Not end, but make it less incentive. Why would you play a smurf account, if you can play your main account to climb?

This isn’t completely wrong though, because there are 3 types of armor in the game:

  • Physical armor (Johanna’s 1st talent)
  • Magical armor (Ming’s 1st talent)
  • Combination of both (Cassia’s trait)

And only the first one cannot reduce spell damage.

Isn’t it completely depended on team comps?

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He can but if you have someone like sylvanas sonya xul just name your average dedicated push hard hero aba will loose

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Isn’t it depending on Aba’s comp? I mean Aba’s team should have good synergy with Aba and most heroes that are praised to be good with him are also good solo laner, except Genji.

  • Ilidan
  • Samuro
  • Tracer
  • Zeratul

Prime heroes for Aba, even The Butcher might counts. And three of this heroes can handle solo lanes. I am not sure about Tracer though.

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Yes you are right but aba also fits with a strong in your face frontliner like johanna muradin. Basicly anything melee that relies being in the thickest of battle

If you pick it because its a good map and they go full AA counter its just best to draft around your tank or bruiser being the hatted target
You still have a safe aba pick. Only thing that might happen is that the bruiser loves to fight because your “aba”

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This is an issue in my elo, yes. :joy: But there are so many issues…

It even happens in high ranks or 5 stacks haha
The illidan keep spamming hat me but your like

That minion wave has 4 weak minions. I want exp :sob::sob:

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This is why i rarely hat the hypercarry i drafted abathur for. Either they’re good enough to survive on their own or they are in desperate need of hat for survival and it only encourages them to int.

90% of time i just hat tank or ranged aa hero. Or i just clone a key target before the fight.


Fixed that for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although this isn’t all that dumb, I recently had someone telling me I needed to wait for the minion wave before attacking the enemy fort. I am Anub’arak, I make my own minion wave!


Not really. If you are at a level disadvantage pretty much all you can do is play safe and try to catch up while avoiding dying. Trying to go all in over an objective will usually result in you being wiped due to the level disadvantage. Trying to push a single lane is also not possible due to the level disadvantage as the enemies can much more easily defend it. Even if there is an Abathur, it is best to make sure all EXP is getting soaked until a level disadvantage is closed. This is especially the case if you are a talent tier behind which multiplies the extra toughness and damage of the level disadvantage further.

Skill issue, obviously. If a player can’t survive without Aba, he shouldn’t play that hero in a first place or when the hyper carry player becomes too confident and thinks he is 1v5 killing machine, because he gets support from Aba.

I can tell you this is pretty awful advice. You don’t necessarily want to go all in, especially if you’re a talent tier down, but a level down is not a death knell. Splitting up usually just increases your chances of dying. You want to play defensively, but intelligently to exploit mistakes, and that is super difficult if you are all split up. Soaking all lanes also rarely puts you on equal footing unless you are already on the cusp of leveling because they are also probably soaking, so it’s just magical thinking.


How is that easier to play and fight defensively and exploit mistakes? If you can exploit mistakes, when you’re playing defensively. You may also find mistakes, when you’re soaking and doing camps. Both ways needs mistakes from the leading team.