Dreadlord jaina voice line bug


Not a huge issue but just kind of annoying. I’ll set up my preferred voice line for her but when I start the game she reverts to her default demonic speech clip. I have it set to one of the 3 sets you can have too and it still changes back sometime. I haven’t had this bug with anyone else except for Goblin Junkrat… maybe it has something to do with the legendary skin status? Not sure, but it would be something to look into, a shame I cant use proper voice clips I’ve bought/received from loot boxes.


Yeah, same here! I want my “Ash nazg gimbatul” voiceline to stay!


Hello friends!

Thanks for the reports. This is a long-standing known issue affecting all skins with special VO processing. That said, I’ll look into getting some updates and movement on the status it. We appreciate it!



I posted this bug at least two years ago. Unfortunately, I can’t search for my original post since they changed the forums. >:(
Irritates me every single time I play Jaina with that skin.