Dragon Pack Ideas

With the recent announcement from the World of Warcraft team, how about you guys build more hype around Dragons by releasing a pack exclusively directed towards dragons?

Obviously that would include anything that looks like a dragon, not ONLY dragons themselves. I’m not gonna give too much into small details and give a general view of my ideas, but those are only meant to guide and inspire. I’d be more than happy to discuss the particularity

Exemples :

New skins for already existing dragons :

  • Deathwing : “Sindragosa-like” skin, Onyxia skin, Dragon Fae skin (similar to Brightwing), Proto-drake skin.
  • Alexstrasza : Corrupted skin (Deathwing-like), Young skin (Proto-drake as well), Fiery skin (with Felfire, Icefire, Bloodfire, etc.), Dracthyr skin.
  • Chromie : a Blue Dragonflight skin (which she doesn’t have at all), Male skin (as Chromie is male as a Dragon but female as a gnome), Infinite Dragonflight skin (similar to Murozond).
  • Brightwing : Emerald Nightmare skin, Dragon Aspects skin, Insect-like skin.

New dragon skins for non-dragon characters :

  • Murky : Dragon wings as a costume (similar to the Murloc costume in WoW).
  • ETC : Skin of Warmaster Blackhorn (from the Dragon Soul raid in WoW) or Ebonhorn.
  • Li Li : Change the appearence of her Wind Serpent to look like an actual dragon.
  • Rexxar : Skin that transforms Misha into a Dragon. (Dragon Tamer).
  • Medhiv : Change that crow form for a more Draconic form.

New heroes :

Kalec/Kalecgos Ranged Assassin : Mostly Alexstrasza playstyle without the healing part. Mid range magic damage → transforms into a dragon for better range, more damage but less mobility. Powerful multi-target character, but bad in solo. Has the ability to turn into a dragon to fly anywhere in the map (as long as he has vision) every 120 seconds.

Wrathion Tank : Fight mainly as a human with a dagger, but turns into a dragon (as big as Alexstrasza) to escape → dive into a particular direction as a dragon, pushing everyone around you in a straight line while making you immune to movement imparing effects. Has the ability to neutralize “empowerments effects” and absorbs half that empowerment for a few seconds. Can also absorb negative effects done to teammates.

Random Dragonkin Melee Assassin/Bruiser : Create your own hero based on the Dragonkin people in WoW, just like you did for Lunara, Stitches, Murky, etc. Talents are based upon the different Aspects’ powers which allows a lot of versatility to be extra resistant or to deal extra damage. The character build-up during the game would be similar to Varian’s style, but with different special abilities. Armor absorption, Speed absorption, Attack absorption etc. which would allow that hero to be playable against almost anything if you choose the correct talents.

So here it is : the general ideas and main inspirations for a Dragon Bundle in HotS! As I said I didn’t go into any details (no numbers at all and extreme lack of precision) but I’d be happy to discuss it all with you guys and see what you think of it and what you would change or add to this suggestion.

Have a good day! :smiley:

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the ideas are good and i liked the mediv very creative you loved it

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Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:

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