Dragon Knight VS slowing sands


Chromie’s slowing sands slow Dragon knight , I thought it was unstoppable.


It shouldn’t be But the base Speed for The DK is 91%

So it’s slower then your average hero but none the less should be unaffected by slowing sands.

can you post a replay please?


Forums doesn’t want me to copy links , I uploaded it to my google drive


You can send the replay as an email using the attachment guide at the top of the forum.


you could use the preformatted text function to link, like this

moderators will mostly tolerate it if done in good faith, when there is no malicious intent and not for self promotion


h ttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1DeHyJ4KvrdGPje-vFX5YVZ0Vxev0TWpm/view?usp=drivesdk

Remove space after first h to download the replay and seek the last push with Dragon Knight


Hey all,

We’re aware of the issue and are working towards a solution.

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you also might want to check if the sands’ slow still affects Volskaya robot while you’re at it, I saw few game clips in the last days where it did regardless of the vehicle being unstoppable as well


it literally affects everything! I mean Everything! Even Alterac Cores!