Doomsday preachers and "leavers" on the forums

That’s very astute and such a simple explanation, I feel embarrassed that it hadn’t occurred to me.

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Well, the beta was recently opened to a lot of people. It makes sense that once people have access to play your game, they have feedback for it.

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I didn’t know that, thanks for the info. I would have once kept up with everything Diablo related, but my enthusiasm and expectations are sufficiently lowered this time around.


lol, that’s hilarious…this could be another D3 level miss, but with the pvp actually in existence this time

Surely Diablo 4 will be ready for launch… - YouTube

Just run in circles and maybe the boss will get dizzy and drop his loot.


That’s adorable, what a sweet waltz.

Doomsday and Bill Gates are related. Happy thou, you don’t care.

Even Grubby is still playing the game and producing content for it. Watched a video yesterday where he was introducing the game to new players. And that’s after he was trying to get into DotA2 for a bit.

HotS is a good game and has its fans. We are going to keep playing well after all the cool kids move on to the next fad. Nothing wrong with that.


Fan still producing content too, including guides on Patreon. Sure, these players also move to other games (DotA2, Diablo4, whatever) but they are clearly still passionate about HotS.


Fan have moved away from Hots and into many other games but he still play Hots cause he like it so ye. As long he can find a game in SL in a reasonable time he wont quit it yet.


Fan is awesome

What I love most about him is how chill he is no matter how his game is going

By the way I like your pic change Nemarra

Kerrigan suits you :3

For reasons I don’t quite understand, Tyrande is my highest level hero (47) – 10 levels above my next highest level hero, Kerrigan.

But Kerrigan is my lady. Work to be done.


I find it strange that certain posters (not you) take an absolute line regarding Hots. If Hots isn’t your “exclusive game” then you’re not a fan. If you don’t play Ranked, you’re not a Fan of Hots and so on.

I’ve never played Hots exclusively and not other games, most of us enjoy variety. Yet my main account (not this one, it’s for posting only) is over 2000, so I think I’ve played enough, with almost half of those matches in ranked.

Yet, I’ve been constantly told by certain people here that I’m not a true fan of Hots, where I think the majority of us (probably most people) play more than one game at a time.


I sort of sympathize with people who say this(without agreeing with the way they say it) because you’re not really getting any kind of hardcore and in-depth experience without having to do stuff like drafting according to the map and drafting to counter-pick and so on and so forth

Ranked also forces you to play other heroes when your main hero becomes banned in Draft

It straight up just broadens your horizons

These are things that you just cannot get on Quick Match and ARAM

And Unranked Draft is should honestly not even exist, I know that I would definitely prefer the deletion of Unranked Draft if it meant the resurrection of Solo Ranked

Reminds me of the “notruscotsman” that Xenterex keeps talking about

I definitely play more than just HOTS and it’s part of the reason why my level progress in Americas Region has been slower

If someone exclusively plays HOTS then more power to them honestly but people who judge others for it are acting like HOTS is a spouse and every other game is a lover on the side


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Unranked Draft should work just like it does in SC2, players are in the same queue and play against Ranked players but there is no progression on the ladder.

I would play a draft mode over Quick Match if this were the case but I have ZERO interest in playing the Storm League ladder game.

Should but doesn’t

I would definitely prefer playing Unranked Draft if Quick Match was removed entirely

Would make the mode far more populated than it is

But then you also run the risk of depopulating HOTS itself

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Quick Match has it’s purpose just like ARAM mode does. I don’t think it need be removed.

But yes, I’d rather play an unranked Draft mode as it more closely resembles what playing on and against organized teams would look like.

Why do you avoid playing Storm League?

I don’t care for the way it simplifies competition down to an abstract number and a progress bar that has more in common with slot machine psychology then with fun competitive game play.

Fair enough

I like your idea of people in Storm League and Unranked Draft being in the same queue

Would help both modes out a lot

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