Doomsday preachers and "leavers" on the forums

doomsday sayers get it though your skulls that
we want to play the game, enjoy the little community we have right now and generally have a nice time. we don’t care if you think mircosoft is gonna go snip snip, we don’t care if overwatch 2 and diablo 4 is going to hang heroes
the people who actually care about the game, AKA US, will still go back to the game no matter the success or failure of the other two games.
Shut up and let us have what little shred of happiness of the game we have left

and leavers, guess what?
we’re telling to stop leaving because you’re hurting the community left.
do you know how many times I’ve had to fill because that one player HAS to take nova and “omg im such a good nova I can carry” only for us to loose?
do you know how many times I’ve had to play tank because nobody else wants to do it?
do you know how many hypocrites I’ve seen go “IT’S aRam We CaN dO whAt we liKe!” and the second I do something I’d like to do, you know play a character that I’m actually decent at I get reported for throwing the game and get torrented with abuse because heaven forbid I take auriel instead of nova or zeratul
and I’ve never left. not once and yet the people I fill for leave even though they’ve gotten their own way and surely lifes full of rainbows. And even though I’m doing EXACTLY what you said, I’m still the bad guy and you’re still going to afk because theres noooo point
Grow up. play the game. accept you don’t get your own way all the time and get on with it
or you know uninstall and let the people who actually want to play the game PLAY THE GAME

stop posting threads about “ohmagah im gonna leave if I get this” and posting “ohmagah im gonna afk if someone does that”
how about this I’ll report each thread for spam when it’s a generic “I’m going to leave/afk/not-play-the-game-and-ruin-everyone-elses-time”
but wait that makes ME the bad guy… funny it like, it’s just
I really really couldn’t care less what you think about me


:clap: :clap:

I wish I had an award to give your post, so just take my like and get out.


what a backwards way of saying thanks :smiling_face_with_tear: :laughing:


yeah, right, whatever
now be on your way

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Well the chances of HOTS getting more attention after the hype behind Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 die down are rather high in my opinion

A huge reason why HOTS got put in maintenance mode is because they needed people to work on the other games

And considering the fact that Overwatch 1 didn’t hang HOTS out to dry and instead actually gave us cool characters like Genji, Mei and Dva then I believe that I am on the right track about this

I personally believe it’s frustration due to a mix of bad teammates within the game and reading all the rage-posters over on these forums as of late

Definitely understandable

Though I too recommend admiring nature a bit for the OP solely out of genuine concern for their well-being



here’s hoping.

I’ve just had enough of all the leaver posts and heroes is dead/dying/what-ever-else-related-to-dead-things.
and to be honest I’m pretty sure a lot of other people are too
I am also choosing to ignore the “go touch grass” generic “burn” regardless of the format of which it’s in

If it makes you feel any better; it’s nothing new really

We were getting posts like this even before Hogger was released so it’s just a typical day in the life of coming to these forums

And it wasn’t intended as a “burn”

The reason why I recommend a relaxing activity is because the person that your negative feelings will end up hurting the most is ultimately you

And it pains me to see someone who genuinely loves the game feeling so frustrated due to the actions of other insensitive people


I wish we all had unlimit likes.


Diablo 4 hype dying down? I don’t buy this. Diablo 4’s hype is just starting. People been waiting over a decade for this game man. I’m on there now, the early access had a 2-3 hour queue when it went live. The gameplay is great. All they need to do is put some balanced PvP in the game and the HOTS players will migrate in flocks to the better game. It’s literally a top down game that’s fast but not too fast, literally like playing a moba character on steroids. You guys don’t have to switch but a lot of others will.

I’ll still drop in on HOTS IF they get rid of that same hero stuff, but either way, I’d rather they work more on Diablo 4 and I’m sure they would too.

Well, one of the devs who was in charge of the worst balancing periods of HOTS moved to D4 pvp, and Diablo PvP has never really been known for its balance. I wouldn’t hold out hope, but could be fun.

Ill protentially play diablo 4, i’m not giga hype bit if a few friends pick it up I might.

I will probably also play hots so i’m not sure what the whole D4 vs Hots is in aid of.

The lillith trailers have been fine so far but I hope they wont make her another Sylvanas/Kerrigan.

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but then again…
it could make some hilarious dialogue in heroes


There’s this magical thing called “time”. Fixing or adding to HotS isn’t going to happen the week after D4 Streamers figure out the optimal speedrun tactic and go back to Diablo 2 runs.

Dota 2 spent 6 years recycling content. In that span, they’ve only put out another 11.5 heroes, or an 8% increase on the roster.

Diablo 4 is probably going to have more considerations in it’s ‘endgame’ than D3’s model (longevity, making money, etc) but it’s not the sort of game that’s going to get ‘bigger’ like WoW did and blizzzard staff are going to be moved to other projects. One day, HotS might be one of them again depending on microsoft leadership.

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Diablo 4 forum posts keep popping up on my phone feed for some reason and it appears there are plenty of negative moaners on there as well.

You don’t have to buy anything

If you read my post you will notice that I said “after the hype behind Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 die down”

The keyword being “AFTER”

It’s probably not gonna be happening anytime soon but remember that StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3 were extremely hyped about games in the past that are now hardly talked about in the mainstream gaming scene just like HOTS

Overwatch 1 was also only really extremely popular in the first few years of it’s release and many people got bored and moved on from it to other games

You want them to work more on Diablo 4

Yeah I get it

But many of us here over on the HOTS forums wish that they gave some of that love to HOTS as well

I believe what they meant to say was that they’d prefer Lilith as an actual hero in HOTS rather than a skin

Something that I honestly agree with

Here’s hoping



I guess there is some magic to the shared open world experience, but in many games that offer something similar, it is often the least optimal path to improving you character. Diablo isn’t necessarily a bad game but is desperately trying to become something more and in my personal opinion it isn’t doing too well despite best efforts.

They’re trying to make it into a smaller scale mmo-experience which will lead to zone overcrowding and competition for resources (whereas previously all games could be entirely private). No matter how big it tries to become, it will always feel small because of the fixed camera view.

There’s experimentation with map verticality, but it is limited to jumping over chasms or climbing the walls - a camera trick with no actual depth which doesn’t really help the world feel bigger. Just compare to the scale of what WoW has been able to accomplish in a span of a single expansion cycle and D4 only exchanged the basement for a back yard.

And the whole social experience, there is in fact none. You’re battling scripted monsters and fighting against a score screen (other players). PVP might be somewhat fun but it won’t ever have the depth of lol/dota/hots but will rather continue to be an inferior alternative.

It is what it has always been, only now with improved graphics. It adopted an entirely new art direction which is cool, but I am starting to miss vivid colors and the game feels lifeless. I also don’t like paying for an overpriced product based on what it might grow into in a year or two, but rather what it offers at face value.

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People will always find something to complain about, and at times the complaints are valid. Diablo 4 isn’t even released yet, so I’m not sure what they are complaining about?

Perhaps people are concerned D4 is going to incorporate elements of Diablo Immortal? That would be the only concern I have (but both are meant for very different platforms), I hope they don’t weave in any microtransactions that effect gameplay that makes it pay to win. Microtransactions for cosmetic stuff is fine in my book.


while I haven’t looked at anything there, it’s likely players complaining for the sake of complaining. Complaints create the false-positive of making a ‘difference’ and if people do it enough, they can eventually look at any change and pretend that their complaint was a factor for that. (Old HotS forums with the beta-archive was rife with examples of that stuff)

Heaven forbid is someone posted some ‘math’ to rally complaints around that as they’ll see examples of ‘math’ as a Holy Grail of complaining without double-checking the numbers.

Typically if the numbers are done right, or the feedback is critical/constructive, it isn’t voiced as a ‘complaint’ so it’s a fairly simple metric for filtering out some of the noise.

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I would add on to this by saying that haters WANT attention.

The best thing to do is to ignore them, or better yet, make a happy post to counter their negativity. Then watch to see which one gets more likes.

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