"Don't focus the tank, focus the healer/assassin."


Since Imperius has just been released, everyone is in QM to play as/alongside him and get an opinion of how he works. I jumped on the QM train too as I’d also like to find out about Imperius. However, while playing, I encountered one-too-many players that didn’t know how to properly focus targets in a fight. And spouting the line that is the title of this thread; “Don’t focus the tank.”.

This is an older NotParadox video, but I feel it is still very relevant to this day. Watch it if you haven’t.

I’m never going to touch QM again.


This is not a QM only issue though.


Should be part of the tutorial honestly. Everyone thinks they can dive the back line, kill the healer, and win the game. Any tank worth anything is going to peel you, and you become a prime target to focus down. Ironically, you hand the enemy a kill and probably the team fight. NotParadox has it right. Deal damage where you can without taking much and wait for an opening.


Sadly, you’re right.


If your team’s main advantage is diving I can see where people complain, but almost 90% of the time it’s not a dive comp.


The amount of times I heard this…

I’m with like Raynor and they have Diablo, Sonya and a backline with plenty of CC and when they dive for the squishies and the warriors come for me, later they complain or ping when I’m kiting them to hell and why I didn’t simply ignore them and walked through the rest of their team to focus the healer/squishy DPS…

Thankfully I came from LoL after years there, where people are much more aware of stuff like this, so I always ignored such nonsense, but it’s a little disheartening when you hear it from people with lvl 1000+ accounts.


OMG I thought I was crazy for thinking “lol, how am I supposed to focus the healers without dying? I would rather just keep this tank at bay…”

Glad to see I was not crazy, after all.


That vid is super late but here’s a one that came out recently though:

I mean sure, Diving the backline was a fine move AS LONG AS the mindset was to peel (i.e. stunning all 3 back heroes), but Sonya specifically went all-in on killing Hanzo, which ended up just as you witnessed

Also = the blue team’s draft was off, I mean, 4 ppl on your team focus on picking a target and make fights be 5v4 and dominate through teamfights, but you end up picking Rag (for whatever the reason) lol


Team should always focus whatever hero is out of position. That is the best thing to have in mind in this game. Healer is out of position? Damage him. Tank is out of position? Damage him.

“But I won’t kill their tank with just some damage!” - Well, if you are hitting their tank, you are forcing the enemy healer to waste mana to heal him and that is a pretty good trade. Enemy healer wasting mana is always a good trade.

One thing that tilts me a lot if people saying “OMG GENJI SO NOOB DIVE THEIR MORALES AND KILL HER STOP HITTING THEIR FRONTLINE”. Like… I can E in and die to their CC :woman_shrugging::joy:


People tell me to do that even as Leoric. It’s pretty funny.