Do you think this game can die like paragon?


Hehe :smiley: It’s amazing to me how different the people opinion about this game.
I see this game as an advertisement for the blizzard games. If i would not playing with this game, perhaps i would skipp the “give a try” to the wow legion and now i deffinetly would not playing with my warlock in the bfa.

This paragon game advertisement was pretty bad or they just choosed bad console? I don’t know this game, but it’s looks a like orcs must die pvp game what was very unsuccesfull too. Not really this genre at all.


No, you know, this game is basically immune to its own problems because all it needs to survive is for 1% of the Hearthstone/WoW/Overwatch players to be bored enough with their main game at any given moment to come mess around with HotS. I doubt it’s going to get shut down. Plus, they’ve invested pretty heavily in HotS as an esport, which would make it tough to abandon.

I do think it’s entering a sort of zombie state now, though. The player base is not going to grow with queue times doubled or tripled. New people who have to wait six minutes for a QM are going to assume the game is dead and bail. The HotS dev team is obviously getting smaller. Look at this Christmas event. Arguably the largest event of the year, and all HotS is getting is three new skins, a couple of mounts, and some sprays. That’s the work of a skeleton crew, not a full team. This is clearly a game in decline.

So, no, I don’t think it’s going to die like Paragon, but I do think it would take some very real promotional investment for HotS to rebound and have a healthy player base again. They would have to create some major synergy with Overwatch, and then pimp the living bejesus out of this game during the upcoming OWL season.


Counter argument: HotS engine is the worst engine ever and most players can’t even enjoy medium settings without getting destroyed by framerate stutters.

You sweet summer child need a bad computer to tell the difference. I can play LoL with my sh1tty laptop with max settings and my FPS is normal, with HotS it goes down and stutters ONLY WITH MEDIUM SETTINGS.

HotS drains ur CPU and it’s horrible.


Paragon had SO much potential. It was 3D, they could have done anything. THEY HAD A WHOLE Z AXIS AND DID NOTHING WITH IT. Gosh, makes me sad, just another Smite clone.


Paragon looked so cool though :frowning:


Trust me this “sweet summer child” had to live up with outdated computers for 10 years before being able to get a decent one again. :sweat_smile:

I was all up in those settings and changing .ini files, or whatever it was, to remove shadows completely since the game menu only allows for shadows to be on low.
Everything on low or off, reverb off, my hots was a blob of colours up until a year and a half ago. :laughing:

Still, HotS ran on a 2011 laptop and even on a 2009 one, If I had tried that with Paragon it would have caugh fire!:fire:


Im losing hope.

Ive been here basically since beta, and I allways thought the ‘‘game dying’’ threads were just whinning babies running around.

BUT, this time, after years and years trying to prove them wrong and ignoring them im finally there.

At this rate its a matter of time before the servers become too much of a money drain to maintain and the game shuts down.

Its very sad to me, I loved this game.

But the pumping out of new heroes and no work on old heroes makes the roster boring and narrow the more heroes we get, blanket nerfs on tanks and supports making them boring to play with little to no gameplay diversity, they have consistently removed the depth of this game and what made it unique bit by bit, and the new set of support nerfs, exp changes and removing specialists just bring this point home.

For a while now the most this game had to offer was fast QM randomness fun, being given weird team comps battling against eachother trying to figure out how to win.
Now that is gone as well. My Qs in the last 4 days have been over 5 minutes with horrible teams anyway, no matter the role i play. After trying to get into a game for 15 minutes I just leave the game. Its not worth it. We got to a point where going for a draft in LoL will be faster (Q+the game) than hots QM.

We watched mewn wait in Q for 2 hours for HL the other day, with a friend of his sitting in Q for over 3 hours.

The big streamers are leaving, or playing the game just sometimes and in team league, the viewers are leaving, Hots isnt even in the top 30 games on Twitch anymore.

Even the old QM was a unique thing to this game that they removed. A lot of people (including me) enjoyed going into a game that required you to think on your feet, being creative about making use of your teams strenghts and weaknesses to spot and make use of win conditions.

Im genuenly sad. Its like losing a friend. A lot of things are bad now and I dont agree with, which means I will be playing a lot less and if every time I try to play I have to deal with 15 minutes of Q times Im just gonna stop even trying.


Well the dumb xp changes won’t improve the situation.
Like i always said nice game worst playerbase.


It had zero waifus :expressionless:


First i laughed at your reply, but after 2 minute thinking… wait a minute. This is true. I personally skip the game automatically if it’s dosen’t have any waifu. I played 2 times borderlands 2 with my brother on ps 4 and i choosed the waifus. Mario kart on wii… tekken on xbox… everywhere waifu xD

After i realized this i can give to this company as an advice to make more waifus. It will be succesfull.


Sheesh, and people say HotS is too passive.


That’s funny and sad.


and yet it’s more stuff than earlier winter veils.

2014: 2 epic skins, mount
2015: 1 epic, 1 legendary, 1 mount
2016: 1 epic, 1 legendary, 1 mount
2017: 1, epic, 1 legendary, 2 rare, 1 mount, sprays and junk
2018: 3 skins (legendary, epic, rare?) + 2 mounts?, + announcer and sprays and junk


Paragon died because of drastic game-play changes too often and the fact that it had a huge RNG based system inside the game which gave unfair advantages to people who grinded for the lucky uber cards.

Basically everytime the they made “major” changes to the game, you could’ve basically given the game itself a new title because it had changed that much. The community felt ignored we would constantly have to re-learn how to play the game.

Take Hots for example: They removed bullets from towers, reworked a couple of heroes, introduced new maps, but at the end the game hasn’t really changed too much, yes we had to adapt our gameplay but it wasn’t too drastic unless you were a TLV main.

Compare this to Paragon: Completely changed the map, Completely changed how the card system worked, completely changed how you travel, how you farm, how you lane, and etc. I get the game was in Alpha and Beta, but when you have to completely relearn the game as if from scratch it get frustrating. Not only was it too frustrating, but the changes were conceive most of the time irrelevant and made the game worst.

Eventually the game consistently became a different game, if that make sense.

There are also other theories to it dying, like the departure of the head developer of the game who started it all and Epic games being bought out by Tencent but I don’t know much about this area.


Damn, those greedy developers making more content than last year…


to be a bit more fair, the concern from the reply to which I posted may have concerns regarding a new hero in december instead of just two hero reworks and/or an xp shift that might not even happen till next year, if not later. Similarly, the last … two? years had ‘promises’ for game changes completely fall through.

a hefty shift on that would be to have the previous ama regarding rank/mmr/etc actually follow through come next season.


I’m pretty sure Diablo 3 got a major expansion pack “Reaper of Souls” and then another class expansion pack added with the Necromancer.

D3 may be on a skeleton crew, but they have seasonal events, rewards and new items, it wasn’t quite release and then just forget.


thing with D3 is the word of progress wayback when was it was paced to have a second expansion and that certainly didnt happen. Some of the map/content added alongside the necropack is clearly incomplete zones, dialogues and quests not meant for bounty mode as it is accessed at present so some of the aspirations clearly dropped off.

however, swtich sales may rekindle some life for D3, though i’d like to think despite Immortal undershadowing? some game prospects, i had hoped to see a druid or amazon character pack announcement from blizzcon and that didnt happen.

I figure hots making cassia meant there was stuff in line for a d3 version of the zon XD


Ok, I have to completely disagree with that because the opposite is literally happening. Hero releases have slowed down a LOT to fit in more skin and rework events.
We’re having reworks and tweaks on heroes all the time now, whilst before it was a rare event. Azmodan, Jimmy, Sylvanas, Stiches, Diablo, Lunara, Kerrigan, Tyrande, and more. So that’s a completely flawed statement.

You have to see the self-contradiction here right? The more heroes the more variety and choice you have, not a narrowing down. Narrow was HotS 1.0 and before, that was narrow…
With all the reworks coming out as well, narrow? It’s not LoL but it sure as heck isn’t narrow.

Blizzard has a lot of flaws, but you need to be objective on where to point them, and this ain’t one of them.


Them what they should rework in the game to be healthy?