Do you think Deathwing was the last hero, ever?

I mean we haven’t seen a single new hero in more than six months, I don’t remember ever being that long without a new hero. And considering the game is on maintenance mode… I know Blizzard will never say that there won’t be no new Heroes, but what do you think?

Tbh, at least to me, it doesn’t look good.

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Not a chance he was the last one. 0%.

Sure, they work on a reduced budget and team now, but they have made plenty of hints and mentions on Reddit they are introducing and working on new heroes
(not just reworks like Tassadar - real new releases).

General consensus seems to be 1-2 heroes this year (not counting Tassadar rework as a new hero).

It might be a tank based on recent blue hints.

Btw, developers very rarely post on the forum (except for AZJackson). Check the blizzard tracker on reddit to see their latests hints and posts.


No, they already said a new hero is in development. Shapeshifter has of course beaten me to it. :slight_smile:

I don’t know why we keep getting these threads, is it a way to try to nag the developers to work faster? If so, I doubt that strategy will work for you.


At the most, we’ll likely get only 4 this year. Or 3. Anything beyond that seems to much considering the cut off resources from the team and the current pandemic situation.

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If you Imagine the last Hero already,In result game will be ended soon,Blizzard know it well that the biggest motivate of his people is new hero and so they dont stop working on a new hero,because in fact their moba game will be canceled.

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coulda tried looking like, 10-20 posts down from the top when you posted this and looking at a similar thread.

I’ll quote myself:


Considering there is currently an in-game teaser running, and it is most likely for a new hero, I would say that no, Deathwing isn’t the last hero, evrer.


we’ll finally get Lasarra!

wow… i just realized this teaser could be (stupidly) argued as being for Lasarra given she is pretty much only around on Kaldir. funny that.

My joke is like .02% chance of being true, instead of .01%!

Yes, you are absolutely correct.

There will 100% never be any other heroes released after deathwing. But it’s a secret so the devs didn’t tell us.

Imo, it’d’ve been good if you did a fast google check, because it was mentioned a few times by the devs themselves, that a new Hero is on its way.

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Wait for 3 years past the last hero then you’d have a more accurate prediction

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Not to worry, he is far from the last hero. Do keep in mind that everything is a bit slow due to COVID19.

We will get new heroes, I promise you that.


I think DeadlyPants is going to be pissed someone else in the forums is wearing pants.

What are you writing here?
This is an ugly thing for a good girl. Correct it.

I’m pretty sure the snowing theme is a teaser for a fire breathing skin for dw.

That’s nice to hear. So I guess Deathwing won’t be the last hero after all. That’s nice!

However saying that we’ll get a new hero in June is not true, if we were we would’ve known about it already, and also 4 or even 3 new Heroes this year is, imo, unrealistic. First half of the year has already passed and there were none, so I think 2 new heroes in 2020 at most. (and probably even less in the coming years :frowning: )

As for the new heroes here’s what I think:

Warcraft: Honestly there are dozens of WoW(and even Warcraft 3) characters, that are kinda overdue and would fit in this game nicely. Some examples are Vol’jin(there are no troll heroes in game), Kil’Jaeden, Archimonde, Cairne Bloodhoof, Velen, Grom Hellscream, Moira, Khadgar, Alleria, Turalyon, Rhonin, Vereesa, Taran Zhu, Thalyssra. I know that some 50% of heroes are from Warcraft, but still, it’s Blizzard’s largest and most complex franchise. There should’ve also been (many) more Warcraft battlegrounds, there were a lot of potential like Ashenvale, Barrens, Gilneas, Arathi Highlands, Jade Forest, or not even necessarily Alliance vs Horde battlegrounds like Uldum or Broken Shore or Zangarmarsh. Sadly, I’m kinda certain we won’t be seeing new Battlegrounds :frowning:
The hero from Warcraft we’ll imo most likely see is Lady Vashj(with newest Hearthstone expansion and WoW TBC all but confirmed). I also hope Jaina and Tyrande will get their BfA skins, they’re kinda overdue.

Starcraft: The thing this game imo mostly needs from Starcraft is a female Protoss. There are quite a few Protoss heroes, but all of them are male so Selendis, Vorazun or Raszagal would be very welcome. As for Terrans, General Warfield and Mira Han would be good, but Horner and both Mengsks would also be nice. As for the Zerg, they don’t have many characters and all are pretty much present.

Diablo: When it comes to Diablo Baal is the only Prime Evil that’s missing, but the other three Lesser Evils Belial, Duriel and Andariel would be nice. As for the heroes I think the Druid(D2 and D4) and Sorceress(D2 and D4) would be the most likely. That also makes Duriel and Andariel(both confirmed in D4) kinda likely and maybe Lilith or Inarius.

Overwatch: Never played OW much(FPSs are kinda not my thing), so I can’t say I would personally care much about any of these. But here I think it would actually work better the other way around, having Qhira retconned as being from idk Cameroon(that became Wakanda in Ow time) and having her join OW and adding some of the most popular Ow heroes like Winston(kinda overdue), Reinhardt, Mei, McCree would work profitably for both, and possibly make both a bit more popular, who knows.

I don’t think he’s the last ever, but I think you get no more than 5 more until Blizzard shuts it down completely.

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I do think Deathwing will be the last ever. I would love if these Mei rumors that are flying around turn out to be true. But sadly I don’t think they are. Its been 6 months since Deathwing and no official announcement of any more new characters. Back when they where releasing a new character every 3 weeks they had to have several different characters in various stages of development. My guess is that when they put Heroes in maintenance mode they simply finished up the heroes that had already been partly completed before that announcement was made. Deathwing was the last of that group and the last to be put into game. To those who say they will always have new characters just remember they have added 0 new maps or brawl modes since the change to maintenance mode. In fact they limited brawl to just endless ARAM they don’t even repeat any of the fun brawls. So yes would love Mei but no don’t think Mei or any new characters seem likely.

Except the devs literally announced that a new hero is coming soon so… :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:


Zuljin is a different tribe of trolls but he’s in the game.