DO NOT, go to LoL! (I'm grateful to Blizzard)


hey, want to play a video game? I know I do, I havent seen the sun in years


well yeah becouse the pro team owners wanted the pro tournament to have “super starts” who can just run in and oneshoot everything becouse team plays dont bring the same celebrity status for sponsor deals and merch sales.

So ofc Riot try to balance around that, they are just as bad as blizzard but just dont screw up publicly


You know you have crazyfanbois talking out their backside just for the sake of badmouthing the game in the thread when you know they’re lying about tanks being weak in league and try to make it look bad compared to hots when they start arguing cosmetics LOL. I’m diamond 2 ranked in that game and I can tell you that tanks are very strong, especially after ADC’s been gutted a few months ago. And naturally you can one shot someone and do stronger hits/have more defense be it bruiser dps if you get more items than the other person; a concept of strength is rewarded and determined by better performance, unlike hots where the worst player on the team decides the outcomes of every game lmaooo


You fool no one, go back to LOL shill stacking your “tears of the goddess” because one troll ruined your game.

18 lvl vs 18 lvl 0:21 :joy:
How people can even take seriously game like this? because i can’t, no wonder in dota 2 if someone is playing badly people used to tell him “go back to LoL”.

Pure tank in Dota for comparsion:

8:23 in comparsion to this, LoL don’t even have a tank, because of this ripoffed from WoW and badly implemented ability power scaling mechanic everything can burst you in late game in a second. In Dota and Hots however, power of abilities work in similar to Warcraft III manner.
I remember somewhere Icefrog even stated that in fact he likes Hots mechanic and after that implemented talent tree to Dota and other stuff inspired by Hots.


The support role is such a hard thing to nail, not just in MOBAs, but in games in general. One of the draws of HotS is that, thanks to shared EXP, they genuinely nailed the support role - you can play a character that does no damage and can’t clear waves, and still have a powerful hero. I kind of like some of DotA’s supports for the same reason: while many are not true healers, they also have ‘setup’ supports whose role it is to initiate the fight, and heroes like Earthshaker have their moments in the sun when they initiate with a big Blink>Echo Slam, or when they get Scepter and you see them leaping through the sky to land an Enchant Totem stun… that deals little damage, but decides the opening seconds of the engage for the mains to come in.

I thought that they also did a pretty good job of nailing healing over in WoW, at least for awhile. It’s common sense over there to “KILL THE HEALER”, and for good reason - the philosophy in WoW is that a single healer should naturally be able to outheal a single opponent’s damage, because otherwise there’d be no point to having one, so supports are naturally quite powerful. In a battleground, the supports are often some of the most important pieces on the board, enough that a single good healer can swing the game for the other 9-14 players.

Coming from that, I could never stomach the idea of LoL, where the support is this trash role nobody wants to play and dies from a mean glare, serving only as a warder/dewarder, sacrificing your gold gains so others can power up, while the “mains” get to grow their characters and make big plays. HotS is so much better in this regard, because the supports grow WITH the team, and assist in so many ways, ranging from assisting with dives and snipes like Kharazim to Deckard who can do just about anything that isn’t damage related (until Stone Curse, if he even wants it).

I shouldn’t even have to say it: every player in a match should have a say on the outcome, no matter what role they got shoved in. There should never be a role where you are expected get steamrolled by someone five levels ahead as just a matter of course. The fact that games still have this outdated idea that one or two people get the shiny carry role and everyone else has to build around them is ridiculous.


I love how people cry about burst damage here and then i go watch lol and see more ridiculous burst coming from one guy than a 5 man burst combo in here.
The best thing ever to me is the equivalent of VP where it lasts longer and you can wreck your ennemies while they are in stasis.


Thats why i like LoL, if player can select his play style on certain hero, this way is make gameplay more interesting and better than if you will be forced to play only as heal. I feel this is ugly and unfun if player don’t have choice.

Flexibility heroes > niche heroes (only if they not feels like a OP in certain situations, that make them viable, i feel this right) like Sylvanas before rework.

Also for me LoL in s3-s4 is one the best moba because in this times we was flexibility, tons of viable builds, runes customization, solo outplay, little a toxic and incredibly fun gameplay (i feel all champions as OP and if all champions is OP, nothing is OP).

HotS in Alpha/Beta can was able to get close to LoL of this times, but after time and balance changing in over team based game play, this way is a kill all fun for me.
This game must have more toxic and mad mechanics then other moba games because here we have other rules but players like cries too much (This is not WoW Arena). Moba is genre not only about TFs we can had here viable dueling potential, this genre also about pushing (because we must destroy core, not has some number of kills or stealing flags (CTF)) and etc.

For have fun here, we must have things like a solo outplay, solo impact (right talent design can fix it), flexibility and counter play (in talents) based on player skills not only based on counter picks.

I don’t know more ugly game play in moba than trying to transform 5 randoms players in unstoppable transformer, this is never work in real for no stacking players (maybe only on very high lvl game play but thats looks more like exception) thats why they must balance game around solo players and thats why HGC is failed.


Go back to League, we keep everyone else here.


there are ads on youtube? :thinking:
interesting i dont remember seeing them.
::turns off add blocking extension::

“nooooo!.. the ads they burn!”

::turns on add blocking extension::

serious though… go look up UBlock Origin. i used it on Google Chrome Browser and am using it now on Opera Browser. it is also available on Firefox if you use that one.

if you use IE Edge then you deserve ads. :slight_smile:
…but its available on there too.


Funny, I have never seen video game ads that aren’t some garbage mobile game or Fortnite.


LoL is unplayable as over the years it has become the super-rapid-fire nonsense gamemode it was optionally advertising next to it.

Power-creep to the max.

Cooldowns are down to 0.
Damage is far beyond reasonable.

It aims for instant-gratification for those who have no skill.
You can 1v5 people in LoL - 0 skill involved, just spamming your completely overpowered mobility, abilities, etc.

Left to play it are the skill-less children who are unable to see what’s wrong with the game.

We tried it a bit recently and we couldnt stop laughing as we memed our way to victory by oneshotting basically everything.
Botlane was a sad joke as even the supports have so much damage now, I could push both ADC and their support with the damage-creep for supports.
It was nonsensical to watch.

I hadnt played LoL for so long, that it basically felt like moving through a time-machine, going from “LoL 4 years ago” to “LoL today.”
What a clown fiesta that game has become.


Im actually going to check it. I have regular mozilla plugin and EVERY, SINGLE youtube video starts with Fallout 76 ad.
I feel like someone is smearing **** all over my screen.


UBlock Origin is very good and will block most ads. Still though there are some ads on sites that can get around this. for those they only way to block them is with something like Tampermonkey and using a script to block them. which is too much work to me for some ad.


Actually, Riot made a major error in their store on Thursday. The store accidentally listed capsules and prestige points for one BE. A BE is like the gold currency in Hots. The capsules contain skin shards like in Hots for cosmetics. Normally 10 capsules are sold for like 50 dollars. There are people who bought hundreds of these capsules with BE.

To put this into context for Hots players. It’s like a player buying a loot box for one gold. These loot boxes are new, which contain both older and new items. Now imagine many players who probably spend very little or none at all buying hundreds of these loot boxes for what amount as free. Obviously, the LoL players who spend money on cosmetics are upset.

Riot has a riot on their hands, especially from their high spenders. The players who spend the most are very upset and threatening not to buy any more items from Riot. This error will have profound effect on their sales and reputation. Riot is in a lose lose situation regardless of the action they decided to take.

This mistake has happened before, but not on this scale. In the past, Riot has accidentally listed items at the wrong price like a skin that cost 1850 for 1350. These errors like the one on Thursday are corrected within minutes. This time the error will have more repercussions in the form of a significant loss of revenue at least for the short term at minimum.

I don’t think the Lunar event is salvageable. The people who normally spend will run for the hills and there is no telling if they will come down once things calm down. Had Riot taken preventive measures when the small errors were made when listing items in the store or a better QA system for the store, then this error wouldn’t have happened.

This is one area that Blizzard is superior.


Blizzard has had similar precedents where they made mistakes that benefited ppl in a way that was not right. What usually came after that though was the decision to just let it go and fix things. Why? …

what you have to look at is you cant win either way. If you choose to ban everyone that used an exploit (I have seen this happen in an MMO btw once) then you will get so much backlash you will swear you are the most hated company on the internet. The problem there is that action has a lot of victims. You cant really be sure that everyone ‘knew’ it was an exploit. Even if you post it on the forum to not do it… not everyone uses the forum. Its one of those things.

then if you do nothing… like with this case you are mentioning, other ppl feel like they have had the work they put in trivialized. this is probably the better of the two tbh. ppl will get over the feeling of how they felt about their progress and such. they cant get over a ban.

not in the least.


Same, I have an addon that blocks all the ads. Perhaps, I don’t get the ads cause I don’t visit the youtube channels that have the ads.


I think you are wrong. I played wow for a few years. I also played sc2 and OW. Finally, I played a few different mmorpgs including two Japanese mmorpgs. I never seen any game that had a cash shop sell the cash shop only items for in game currency by accident. No game company has been stupid or inept enough to have made such a mistake in any game I played. Such a mistake will affect their profits directly and immediately, which is why gaming companies are extremely careful.

To be clear, this wasn’t an exploit or a bug. Riot accidentally listed two new cash shop items for one unit of the free to play currency. This was clearly a mistake because that item was being sold for 750 RP, which is the cash shop currency or about 7.50 dollars equivalent. Furthermore, the prestige points were given to customers based on how much money they would spend in the cash shop. Prestige points were sold for one unit of in game currency, which was never their plan.

It looks like the testing server prices were transferred to the live servers. There was clearly no QA process to make sure this would not happen.


I downloaded LoL last month. Played it for about 3 weeks to ditch to my HotS frustrations. It was horrible. Oh my goodness that game is all about the super heroes.

However, I still have many frustrations with HotS. It feels like it turned into the game “frogger”. You have to dodge endless circles of death carpeting your every location. So much so you spend more time running around to survive than you do actually fighting anyone.


I played a ton of Dota 2 back in 2012 ish, I liked the flexibility of the item system but it lacked Spell Casters. In the end, the only way to truly carry is to use a hero with basic attacks as their focal design. That way, you can buff the hero to godly amounts of damage and literally 1v5.

As a person who loves playing Spellcasters, Mages and the like, Heroes was a breath of fresh air for me. Li Ming came out just at the right time as well, although as an Alpha player, I mostly went spell damage Valla at the time. But I loved how the game didn’t center around damage, but being able to win the game in many ways, with different playstyles.

That being said, a lot of what I enjoyed has been removed or reduced from the game. Like Specialists or Supports with damage builds (because in Dota playing support meant you’d be playing with low damage output) so being a Support but still punishing players that took you for granted was AMAZING. The support nerfs removed a lot of that but I still get enjoyment every now and then from a good support game, or just wrecking a team with spell damage.

I don’t miss items, I think the Talent system works more than well enough as a replacement. Though I think adding more talents for more diverse situations wouldn’t hurt at all. When did 3 talents on a tier become a thing?

TL;DR I love the HotS, but there’s so much they can add without much change to make the game wayyyy better than it is currently.


Last hitting, looong lane phase and slave to the professional meta, yawn.

I enjoy LoL but at this point I really only want to play with people I know as nearly every game is a surrender spam fest with team mates yelling at me for building weird while they sit with negative KDA.