Disturbing Blizzard Activision

“Male employees proudly come into work hungover, play video games for long periods of time during work while delegating their responsibilities to female employees, engage in banter about their sexual encounters, talk openly about female bodies, and joke about rape,” the suit states.

If you’re going to keep posting this stuff, you should at the very least link to primary sources to support your post.

I still maintain this is not the appropriate venue to delve into such serious issues, it runs the very real risk of trivializing and adding to the pain of those you claim have suffered.


I’m not sure it would trivialize anyone’s anguish, alleged or not. Also, I think we can all appreciate the irony of a company that has long-touted it’s “wokeness” being hit with this kind of lawsuit.

That said, the complaint is against Activision Blizzard; however, being a large company, it doesn’t say which portion of the company is at fault. It could have been the CoD team, for all we know, so there’s no reason to post it in the HotS forum.


The page has a link to the court documents as well.


I just saw Azmongold reaction to that. He uploaded a reaction clip 1 hour ago.

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I’m gonna say something very controversial and I know a ton of people are probably going to hate the hateful and misoginystic thing I’m about to say


Innocent until Proven Guilty

Let the lawsuit play out in it’s entirety then we’ll throw some stones…


We’ve been hearing about this kind of behavior for years. Whether Acti/Blizz has been complicit allowing this is unacceptable conduct not in question.
They’ve effectively been proven guilty, just not yet in court.

The only thing in question is how good the Acti/Blizz lawyers are and how much trouble they manage to wiggle their client out of. I wouldn’t be surprised if at least some of the charges are dropped or the penalties are reduced.



Well fellas, looks like no new character for this year! Blizzard’s gotta spend that dough on their Lawsuit now.

There’s always next year…

See I’m not going to comment any further as I don’t know the details of the allegations nor the details of any investigations that occured or anything in between.
I am however, going to stay true to the simple doctrine that should cover any and all matters pertaining to the law
“Innocent until proven guilty”


A ‘cute’ and idealized concept, that NOBODY ever follows. In reality, it’s always “Guilty until proven innocent”.

The whole, “Innocent till proven guilty” stuff is up there with “Chivalry” as crap that never really existed, except in fairy tales (Yes, Chivalry existed but it was NOTHING like we think of it today).

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I never claimed my view was the maority view, hell I mocked the very notion by sarcastically saying it would be considered a horrible and misoginyst thing to say

Hi I’m Melke, I exist


in the court of public opinion, yeah. But fortunately the court that actually matters adheres to this fairly well…


Not really. Somebody near you is on trial for murder? You’ll think as everyone else does: Guilty until proven innocent. Because it’s just human nature.

Also if it was really “Innocent until proven guilty”? Then why keep the accused locked up during their trial? Exactly.

Edit: But let’s not take away from the REAL issue here…no new character this year! That developer $$$$ is gonna go to this lawsuit instead. nooooooooo

Then it hasn’t been proven.

All we have are allegations; allegations, even in substantial numbers, are not proof. Trial in the court of public opinion does not even approach a thorough, impartial examination of all available evidence.

Of course I’ll have my biases, which is why I’m not the person making the legal calls now am I?

You say this as if I don’t think that’s a good thing or something that should be used in anything short of the most horrendous cases where there’s a very real and obvious threat to public safety.

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well you don’t want it to be the same situation with the kael’thas voice actor who was accused of things and then they apparently ended up not being true but certain people just bandwagon onto it, that being said the story about the woman who ended her own life, if true, sounds pretty bad


We’ve had numerous allegations, both from inside and outside sources, and now from a government regulatory department, that this has been and is still going on.
There comes a point when overwhelming evidence must be accepted, even if certain formalities have not been carried out yet.

And let’s be real, courts are just formalities – useful formalities, but also slow ones. Some cases drag on for years, and it is not uncommon for one party or another to drag out the case for their own personal gain.
If we had to wait months or years for the court to tell you what to believe, you’ll be hopelessly misinformed in the meantime.

Besides, courts can get it wrong. Or would you really come on here and try to argue that Dred Scott was a perfectly reasonable ruling, or that all those people on death row who were later proven innocent are somehow still guilty?

Furthermore, this is not a criminal case that will be heard by a jury of the defendant’s peers. This is a regulatory-violation lawsuit that will likely be heard by a single judge.

And even regardless of whether “innocent until proven guilty” should be applied universally, this lawsuit will not be fought over whether the unacceptable behaviors occurred and whether Acti/Blizz allowed it; it will be fought over how culpable Acti/Blizz and its execs were in allowing, and even encouraging, the behavior, and therefore how hefty the punitive and compensatory fines will be.

Acti/Blizz’s lawyers will likely try to downplay their negligence by pretending there was little they could do (at least that they hadn’t already done) to reign in the behavior. They aren’t looking for a “not-guilty” ruling because the evidence against them is overwhelming; instead they’re looking for as lenient a punishment as possible.
Alternatively, they may try to get the case or evidence against them thrown out on technicalities, though unless they get a very corpo-friendly judge there’s not much chance of that working.


Good comment, Melke. I agree with you on this one. - Sure it might sounds hard to read this allegations against Activision Blizzard. But remember what happend to the Voice actor of Kael’thas? What happend to him? Is he proved guilty?

We should wait before we say sth. wrong, because it also may the case that Blizzard is innocent here, but some people just want to harm them.

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Again, allegations - accusations - are not evidence.

They absolutely are not.

Believe what you like; examine the evidence and make up your own mind.

But again, accusations are not evidence.

No one is saying they can’t.

  1. Civil suits can, in fact, be decided by a jury.
  2. Even when they are not, the judge still has to examine the evidence, and the arguments from both side.

It should.

They very well might, at least in part, depending on the circumstances of the case.

This will also likely occur, in addition to the above.

The wouldn’t be looking for “not guilty” in a civil case.