Disconnected from the draft in Ranked

I disconnected within the first 5 seconds of the draft in a ranked game and got the message “someone else tried to log into your account” So i checked on Battle.net and there was nobody who tried to log into my account, as we can see all the logins that are made. I even got an autenticator just in case. So I started the game again and saw that i had lost alot of Rank Points, maybe 800-1000 wich made me drop in rank. It took me forever to climb the ladders and now i’m the one getting punished for this. Is this right? Can the points be restored? since it’s clearly the games fault. Thanks

Hey Vodkatt,

I’m afraid we are not able to restore ranked points for any reason.

If you believe that you received that message in error though, please make sure to bug report it. If it was someone trying to log into the account, having an Authenticator now should definitely prevent it from happening again. You might want to change your password as well for good measure.

Disconnections can occur for a lot of different reasons. If the disconnections continue I’d recommend starting with these steps first and then go from there.

I have tried to report it as a bug, tecnical problem and as hacking but i can’t get it to go through due to no enter button on hots tickets support. I think it’s not fair that i don’t get any compensation at all for a possible server DC on your end.


There were no server issues when you reported this issue. I’d again recommend that you troubleshoot the disconnection error if you find that you have problems like this periodically. We’re happy to help you troubleshoot connectivity, but the technical support forums aren’t the appropriate place to give feedback on the leaver penalty system. We don’t work with the game design teams - we just try to help with tech stuff. You’d want to go to #competitive-discussion for that.