Did we the player base help kill this game


alot of us have complained at one point or another for just about everything that had to do with the game. we have seen fixes/changes, with the game and some players where still not happy with those changes/fixes they been asking for and wanting. we have seen characters repeatedly complained about that where fine now have been nerfed/buffed/reworked/buffed/nerfed. rinse and repeat no one is ever satisfied. but is it the characters fault? or is it the players fault? a character is only as powerful as the player playing it. healers dont heal like that use to. specs feel more like mages/assassins/healers now, healers have taken a blow over the years i felt this impact. same thing goes for tanks/dps. we complain about xp/ai’s/minions/towers, the whole aspect of the game, changes and what do those changes get. a little bit of the people happy, and a little bit of the people to start complaining again. (devs dont care) (blizz dont care) everyone is pointing a finger at them when its been us and our complaining thats been altering the effects of the game play.



Just take a look at league of legends and overwatch, they have large amount of toxic players, troll and complainers in theirs communities. Even theirs top streamers of the game had a reputation of being toxic, and were ban several times.

Playerbase is not a reason for a game to fail.

Lack of playerbase is.

There is a reason why hots has so many matchmaking issues and rainbow team in ranked going on for years.


It’s my fault.

all those walls I wrote over the years chased away all the superstars that were holding the community together :frowning:


Thats literally every game ever made


yeah and its making a negative impact on the games we play. we dont ask our selfs why is this here in the first place what would be the effect if it was changed/removed. we just see the wall thats holding us back and not looking for a way to get over it. so we ask the game developers to remove the wall so we can pass through it and carry on only to find another wall rinse and repeat. this game has over gone its fair share of nerfs/changes. the characters that we play are 1/2 to 3/4 what they use to be just need to check the patch notes or play over the years to figure this out. this game is to easy now. not alot of characters have that quest that makes the character stand out or that 1 talent. everything is just handed to you. the sense of challenge has been slowly fading away along with its players.


they decided to pack up after they saw that ridiculously long thread about whitemane’s legs

which, coincidentally, that thread also alleged to be ridiculously long :thinking:


Complaining about a game doesn’t kill it, as VERY few people actually read the forums, and most of those aren’t gonna quit over a few written words.

Draft Dodging and AFKing on the other hand does help to kill the game, as that actually frustrates players enough to make them want to stop playing.