Did this game actually die?

I was feeling nostalgic and decided to reinstall this game. The splash page on BNet app looks extremely sparse and these forums have ground to a halt. Does anyone actually still play this?

Yes we do

And you can add me for some games together too at: Xylord#2300

The most recent patch was 30 days ago for some minor adjustments, some of which around here will claim do “kill” the game.

If Heroesprofile is using that as a ‘minor patch’ then they have 174080 games uploaded (not including custom) in those 30 days or ~ 6000 games are being played a day, but there isn’t any way to tell if that’s 1% or 50% of games played, though it’s unlikely to be 100%.

Blizzard’s games in China have been cut-off and may take years to return.

And then there’s Heroes of the Storm Update - July 8, 2022 — Heroes of the Storm — Blizzard News

where blizzard said HotS is getting the Starcraft/2 treatment and no more content is being added to the shop. However, the dev-team has been pushed out from HotS for awhile, so it’s not really surprising that they ‘officially’ said updates are going to be slim since blizzard is trying to get newer games put out asap to try to rekindle their reputation from the fiascos in recent years.

Functionally, the forums have been ‘dead’ for awhile as the active portions of the playerbase either don’t use any communication channels, or they mostly stick to discord groups instead.


This is definitely news to me

I wonder what the real reasons were behind it

I still play the game, not dead yet. And not because I play it, but rather when I played I noticed others also play it.

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Basically, games accessed in China need to be licensed through a Chinese company. Blizzard had a partnership with Netease that ended in January for most of their titles – exception being Diablo Immortal – and the two couldn’t negotiate agreeable terms with each other. Netease has since teased some upcoming games to replace Blizzard titles (such as a “wow killer” mmo) and blizzard is currently stuck trying to negotiate with other companies, but that could take months or years.

In simpler terms, Netease doesn’t need Blizzard anymore, and some of the leadership/diplomacy at blizzard has been less-than-stellar in recent years.


Sounds like Netease is making smart business decisions

Their own success hinging on the success of a poorly run company is honestly a liability


What’s the purpose of the forums? To discuss… New things or frustration.
I think that answers the question, why.
People learn to deal with frustration or move on eventually.

Missing a few members anyway, hoping everyone is well.


Someone who uninstalled the game for a long period of time suddenly wants to pop back up and ask if it’s a “dead game”? Yeesh.

Anyhow, i suppose one could say the game is “dead” to you, if you’ve been gone for so long. It’s also Highly unlikely the game has undergone any changes that would entice you to stick around. For the past couple of years, it has not received any substantial tweaks.

Well for the past few years, the purpose of these forums has been to whine about it being a “dead game” and “no new characters”.

So there’s that :slightly_smiling_face:

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The forums are mostly dead but people play the game and the queues, for quick match at least (I don’t really play SL anymore), are fairly quick.

When I last played SL late last year it seemed to be pretty quick to get into a game.

And while it’s not the latest trender, I still see people making content for the game. Was watching a grubby video he just put out this week where he was playing games with his wife.

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Evolve is a dead game, and I was there to see it collapse.

This game is doing extremely well in comparison.


How are the forums mostly dead when people come here almost every single day?

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The same dozen or less people make the majority of posts which, themselves, are relatively infrequent.

That is not the definition of a dead forum the last time I checked

There’s no need for pedanticisms.

The forums are effectively “dead”. That a few people continue to use them to argue amongst themselves not withstanding.

Your definition of dead isn’t really dead then

So there absolutely is a need for “pedanticisms”

If these forums were really dead then absolutely no one(including you) would be coming here to argue or do anything else

We’ve even had active cases of moderation happening lately which others here have witnessed

These forums have definitely seen better days but it’s still a place where a lot of us can have fun discussions and throw ideas around

There’s plenty of new accounts coming here to whine

And Karabars is still livening up the place with his cool comics

Mumrah is on anti-troll duty

And phaseshifter is a salty Dehaka that keeps on getting saltier by the minute


You seem like a cranky old Deckard who has “dead” and “less active” confused

Might want to open your eyes and take a real look

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You’ve managed to focus on a minor component of my otherwise positive statement.


I visit the forum because I have an interest in hots and play it fairly regularly.

There is a lot less to talk about hots related because there is no new content.

I’m late to the party bit there is a community here that has been here since early in hots lifecycle I imagine.

The general chat is pretty active. The competitive and looking for party subforums are pretty dead.

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Yes, I deserve some kind of prize for that


And here lies the main reason why the forums are less active these days

We used to be getting a new hero almost every single month so it’s not surprising that we aren’t as active as those days anymore

The only “new content” we’ve had lately is the return of “One for All” in ARAM and even this change has caused quite an uproar over on these forums

(looks around) You sure about that?

Very little actual game talk is had anymore. And what discussion does happen around here is usually clown-shoes, non-sense. This thread being a Perfect example.