Diablo 2 Druid?

I have started to play diablo 2 ressurected recently and i am still impressed how flexible playstyle does druid have. I was thinking how to put this character into heroes of the storm and these are my ideas:

the role would be most likely a Battle-mage hybrid who can shapeshift into Werebear form (D) which increase your HP by 25%. With this ability you can partly substitute frontlane when needed. There should be a short cooldown after swaping to Human/Werebear form.

for (Q) ability I suggest a basic melee ability called Maul. To cast Maul, you must be in Werebear form and it will damage all enemies in front of your melee range. You can store up 3 charges of Maul and subsequent Mauls will deal increased damage. There would be a 1 sec global cooldown to prevent using all 3 charges at once. Cooldown of Maul can recharge while not in Werebear form.

For his (W) ability, you could summon a raven that would grant vision in a specific map area for limited time. Usable while in Werebear

His (E) ability could be some iconic elemental skillshot like tornado which would Slow/snare and damage all enemies it hits. You cannot use this ability in Werebear

Druid’s (R1) would be Volcano spell - which creates a crater (impassable terrain) that also bursts all nearby enemies after a short period of time (Good in combination with Tornado root)

(R2) would be Shockwave - AOE stun, usable only in Werebear form. (Good to hit all 3 Maul charges)

Regarding talents, there would be Two ideal types of playstyle, but in reality you shall always play the hybrid.

1st playstyle - Werebear oriented - Armor bonuses while shapeshifting/ increasing mobility or movement speed and basically all frontlane stuff.

2nd playstyle - elemental oriented - boosted damage or charges of tornado / cyclone armor for survival of burst damage/ Adding Fissure as an (+) ability on lv 20

When I am thinking about it, it kinda reflects the shapeshifting feature of Graymane, but in the essence i think combining control-mage with Tank features is quite original. I also think that Druid players from WoW will also identify themselves with this playstyle.


I like the concept of a mage/frontliner hybrid (though it might be a little too similar to Greymane, as you said).

But at this point, might as well wait for D4 and make a hero who represents both incarnations of the Druid (kinda like how Xul is the Necro representative, so there isn’t a D3 necro hero).
The one in D4 might have new skills and gimmicks on which to base an interesting HotS hero.

This character had in the game it would be fantastic it would be very cool friend great idea