Dear Hots.maybe I must stop activity of the project

Hello,Heroes and Dear Developers and Forums Managers.

Recently, due to the large number of posts in the offer section for heroes and skins (which of course is very good), the designs and titles sent by me and other friends about the Hero concepts are not seen as well as it is expected and they are often seen at the bottom of the Top table,for example,my recent design for the Tauren Druid is at the bottom of the top table, although it has a good design and base.please pay more attention to them.

It would also be great if we could have feedback from you.

Thanks you.


It would be nice to hear from the blues sometimes! There’s a neat blue tracker built into the fourms :smile:

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It does not work for every one,just specific people will receive it. :pray:

This one dude

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Yes,I actually love this 50% win rate. :slight_smile:

I feel you Daylan, I wish they’d take a peek at my Stetmann Hero Concept as well. Actually I wish the blues would reply more here. A simple well done or something (i know this sounds pathetic but some moral encouragement could be good…)


I to have poured my heart and soul in to many a thing that have seen the light of day.


Anyway,I will stop activity of the project with end of the second step,because I think it is not usefull,hopefully they care more attention on these concepts and sure your concepts,not with a post or topic,but a simple reaction or feedback will be enough though.


Guys,I have studied the importance of valuing posts and topic in the past few times,and I have noticed that forums managers and developers pay a lot of attention to the number of replies, as well as the number of likes given on a topic.

In this way,I ask you forums friends and guys to have replies and likes in the project posts (my wish and my idea) from time to time too.


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Ye, I’d love for all these heroes and ideas to get more traffic and get feedback from the dev staff. Though at the same time I also just like reading them and we have a nice little group gathering going on here with only the most dedicated of fans.
So it’s bitter-sweet in that way. You guys are Awesome ;D


Thank you Mocky so much, we are trying to be more better in future too,just want to see people’s happines with new heroes,hopefully some of the project’s case come to game sooner.

Mocky dear,please do a like on this(on the main topic)(My Wish and My idea).

thank you.

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Dear forums,Hots and Blizzard.

I’ll find a way to open this darkness,starting the Feed backs and Reactions on the project,I get decide to Ignore past and make a new relation\work\friendly ship with forums,with out rage and flag,I hate them and I throw them out and I will start again like old,every Day is new one.

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