Crack down on trolling/afk for gods sake

It makes NO SENSE that i get stuck with an afk every other game, and even blatant feeders/trolls sometimes, but blizzard is focusing on people who hurt the feelings of others instead. I don’t like toxic players, true. I’d still rather have a toxic player than a literal bot because my teammate afk’d or a troll trying to throw on purpose.

Stop the toxicity witch hunt and fix the real issues in this game for god’s sake. I’m so tired of it.


If only they kept updating that like they did on the old forums :frowning:


I agree with you, I can mute people who are toxic, I have no such button for people who AFK or die on purpose. The problem is if Blizz decides to shift more of their focus to these issues they will probably just use the same automation and volume based report system they employ now for abusive chat. This will no doubt catch more people, but how many of them will really be true offenders is another question.

If they decide to carefully handle such matters with consideration and human oversight I’d welcome it. But with cutbacks I’m very doubtful they are going to expend any human resources and money on these matters.

plays should be forced to AI all the way up the difficulty chain before playing a new hero or starting new account

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I don’t like the idea that I’m going to be punished for lousy playing. I’m still lousy and die repeatedly while pushing against the AI enemies. The declaration that I’m going to be kicked out for crappy gaming isn’t kosher and frankly, just proves my view of what this company has become. I play to have fun; not to have to measure up to whatever standard established nor whatever hive-mind expectations that has been laid out.
I’m sorry you feel that you need to put a lock on this game to control the behavior of it’s users. But, I question is this the correct method you want to use.


Exactly…I’m not playing a game if I am forced to play the one way that Blizz or some other person has decided I “SHOULD” play.

IMO they are treading on very thin Ice

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it is not the blizzard’s fault
but the lack of reports
people say that they prefer a toxic rather than a bot

yet, you will get reported immediately if you say as much as “your build is wrong”
while feeders/afkers will be forgiven

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That is nothing new, reporting a player for “Abusive Chat” no matter their real offense has always been the highest probability option for actually getting that player removed from SL.

Veterans have always used Abusive Chat even for afkers or feeders. If they afk/feed all day, the 20-30 report threshold will be met very quickly and the automated system will silence the player/suspend them.

The only downside (or upside, depending on how you look at it) is that they updated the system in 2018 so that Abusive Chat reports only count if that player typed something during the match.

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No wonder 50% of my games are with people who dont say anything in chat now and ignore all pings these days. Those are the real bots of this game.


that’s because if they say anything and get reported for “abusive chat” they’ll get silenced so it’s not their fault it’s the broken system’s fault. they want everyone to be muted and not communicate. a game that you can win by working as a Team and must communicate has a system that can result in silencing you then banning you if you communicate now isn’t that stupid?