Core abilities and Fort/Keep priorities are good

I just read that Climate anomaly will be removed too early (i agree with this) because of the feedback and I’m noticing a similar patron to Core abilities and Fort/Keep priorities (Call for help) but they are really that bad? For me they are excelent changes, especially since the “Call” only works for Keeps and Forts. Even with the “Call” I notice that some heroes can ignore the Forts for enough time to kill you; imagine how annoying they would be without the Call. Also the duration of a match actually increase substantially. I know that this is not a 25 min game but finish a match in 10 minutes or less is not a good thing either.

Core abilities are really fun too, since they fulfill their function of being the hot spot before the end of the match. Having said that. I think these changes need to become permanent and change over time until they become a perfect mechanic.

Sorry for my english.

Fort/keep need their slow back else they are worse than pre change.
I do not dislike the core abilities per se but they are too uneven imho, between the effect, the speed of effect , the damage.
For exemple the effects of dshire or garden can be devastating if you get hit, get displaced in it but it is less the case for other maps.
In BHB the core ability can work against you because you can get a free (it does no damage) gap closer to the defender’s face.

Keeping the flavor is okay but i think they should all damage , have the same time of effect (ideally a bit faster than dshire one) to be effective and have a similar range.