Constant running to the right. Game breaking bug. (MacOS 10.15.6, MBP 16" 2019)

I just played a brawl (Silver City). We were doing fine in the game, when encountered the most unusual bug: No matter what I did my character was always running to the right. My mouse was fine, but the game kept making me run right. I was spam clicking left to try to counteract this, but it wasn’t enough. I had to restart the client. When I returned we were down two levels and core was being pushed. This is without a doubt the most game breaking bug I have encountered since beta. Please address if this is a known issue.

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Just had the same issue happen to me on Windows 10.

Well yesterday i played a qm on the spider queen map with tracer, and in certain moments tracer was running to the right, it was happening when using Q or moving arounda corners or the walls where you have to pay the gems for the spiders.