Come join us for a 5v5! Community Event hosted on Cain's Discord!

One sec just registering my Div S team to counter a naughty Tassadar player
(Iz a joke)


I wouldn’t mind to be stomped by professionals.


Well there’s actual professionals and then there’s sweaty tryhards who get their ego bloated by having a high number. Good thing I’m totally the former :sunglasses:

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If an EU version is eventually to come, I’ll gladly join in… Work schedule permitting.


Don’t you even dare!

Emm, if someone wants to play on EU, we need people for second team.

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Yes! We have 1 team set up. We need a challenger team!

Yes but Ping exists fam.

I thought teams would be made on the fly. I sadly won’t be able to participate as I am a one of. :frowning:

If anyone’S interested, add me and let me know. Phaseshifter#1283

If there are four other leftovers you are good to go still.

Ok, so I’m both frustrated and relieved because Logan would love when he hear this.

My college semester got delayed yet again for a week so I’m stuck yet another week of waiting meaning I have time to train up with Logan and the team before the tourney in 27th Wednesday.

You win this time Logan, but this will not stand.

tbh I had low expectations of this potato laptop would even run the game but hey at least I can train on my monster PC lol


I knew you won’t escape from me.

This is hell.


I need 1 more player.
Sami is out.
His computer died.

Anyone wants to join? We will play on EU.

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I could’ve joined your team, but you pushed me away :cry:


I know that!
I would really like to play with you, but I formed team before your coming.
At least I pushed you to play on enemy team and you are not abandoned, because I didn’t wanted you to be left behind.
And now I need 1 more player…

God, you are really a good joker.


When was this gonna happen and US or EU?

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Depends from where will be more people.
If we have 2 teams on EU - EU.
If on US - US.

I don’t know if US people have 2 team, but I know that there are almost 2 teams on EU - my and other one.

My need one more player to play on EU.

It will be the battle of the ages!
I will try to carry my silver ranked fellow group members, to defy you plat / dia plus players!

You will find one, I am sure!

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