Come join us for a 5v5! Community Event hosted on Cain's Discord!

I didn’t even have them to pay!
I payed other way.

1 buk :euro:

Other “way”
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

1 Yen ¥

I thought it was Sami who had to pay you to use Khala’s Embrace?

He never use it. :frowning:

Oh why not? I love using that talent when I’m with a Tracer.

Because he’s obsessed with Armor.

I had times, when I used it.
But I won’t comeback to them because you want.

Absolute sacrilege.

You are terrible.
Don’t trust him. He deserve no trust.

No u.


I can’t join you guys as I’m far too shy, but could you post your replays of the event? It would be great to see you guys play, I don’t think I’ve played with or against any of you.


Dude, It would be so cool to have you there! :3
Don’t be shy. I will hug you.

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Minky :revolving_hearts:


You can come in and join the spectating!

I’d like that, thank you! Dr. Logan and DJ are very kind, so maybe I can put aside my normal shyness.

I do hope you post the replays in the reply thread, they should make for fun viewing. I love that you’ve put together this forum event, as you said there was a bit too much negativity over the past few weeks. :grinning::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


RIP everyone already assembled their teams :disappointed_relieved:
Just like school babyyyyyy

I think there are still ppl with incomplete teams or ppl who have zero.

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