Chen's wandering keg (R) not as unstoppable as it seems


Was rolling around all fun and games and noticed that Arthas frozen tempest (e) was slowing me


Hi there zesto!

Tempest should not be slowing you, and I’ve tested around this with no reproduction of the problem (in our test builds).

Were you impacting Arthas or other Heroes with the ability at the time? You DO lose speed upon hitting a target, as the barrel speeds up again. This would be intended if that were the thing slowing you down.



added a clip of the game it seems like as soon as i touch arthas (e) i lose my speed bonus until my ® ends i might be wrong but seemed fishy to me


Can you get us the replay so we can break it down further?

If you could review our Bug Attachment Guidelines and send a copy of that to, it would be very appreciated.



Sent it hope it helps