Change Rules in League (suggestion)

I’m sick losing league points because one of my team mate is not playing well, so I came up with a solution…I suggest to change the rules in league
The rules should be like this:
New season all players starts from Bronze 5 with no points
-you gain 100 points per win
-you lose 100 points per lose
-you lose 400 points for disconnection or AFK status
-if the player have not enough points to be taken (from lose or disconnect) he have to win 1 quick match or browl for every 100 points that should be taken
-if you are listed in top 5 heroes of the game you gain +50 points, if it’s a lose you will lose only 50 points (instead 100 points)
-MVP gain 300 points, if it’s a lose he don’t lose points
-have fun
…this it should be a"fair play" in league