Celestial Charge cast point need serious rework


I have been liking to play with Imperius pretty much, however:

Celestial Charge cast point needs to be moved from start of the spear to the middle of it.

The way it is now, I (player) basically need to aim at the feet of my hero to hit anyone in front of me, otherwise Imperius just jump over them (and kill himself in the process). And anyone who understand how aiming like this works, probably know that, in this way, the difference between hitting someone in front of you or actually aiming backwards (or sideways) is minimal.

No, really, this is pretty serious, I would keep an eye at whomever said that tested this skill and said it is ok to leave the cast point like this, lol.


I had no problems with him. I figured out how his Q casting worked and worked with him as normal. Just learn to use it properly.