Cant select woodland guardian mounts

I cant use the robin and tangerine variants of the woodland guardian mount instead the game makes me use the pink version.

Please fix it my malf wants some spiffing deers.


Same. Im experiencing this myself.

hope they fix this soon its been at least weeks with this bug now

Yes, I want the orange one for my paladins and angels~
I looked today, - still the same issue.

This bugs me aswell. Especially since it’s such a cute lil mount.

oh no, i just posted about the tangerine one. i didn’t know that the robin one wasn’t working either.

i wanted to use an orange mount and recently got the woodland guardian. thought i might have selected the wrong color when it first showed up as pink in game but i made sure to select tangerine and sure enough it came out pink in game :frowning:

please fix this blizz. we invested 35 wins!! that’s dedication