Can't Purchase Gems


When I got into the menu to purchase gems, it lets me pick an amount of gems, but then gets stuck endlessly loading. I’ve let it attempt to load for around an hour now and it refuses to load the payment screen. Why is there no option to purchase gems from the blizz launcher store?


Ditto. The payment process is stuck on the security check but there is nothing on screen for me to select or type or do anything except cancel the purchase.


I don’t even get that far m8, I just get stuck with the infinite loading circle. I don’t have this issue in other blizzard games, literally just hots because they made some fancy new payment screen instead of just keeping the old one.


Hey there everyone!

I’d love to get some additional help in trouble shooting this issue!

@Vorphea - Would you mind seeing if switching display modes between Windowed, Windowed (Fullscreen), or Fullscreen causes any change in what you are seeing? Additionally, are there any other in-game browser that are not displaying properly. You can test this by going to the Ranked tab under Play and clicking on the Leaderboards.

@Grobster - Would you be able to do us a favor and email us some log files? You can find those files in your Documents at this directory Heroes of the Storm\Support\BlizzardBrowser\logs. You can follow the steps listed in the thread at the top of this forum called BUG ATTACHMENT GUIDELINES

Thanks a lot for your help!


Hello. I have some problem as
Vorphea. I try to switch display mode to Windowed/ Windowed (Fullscreen)/ Fullscreen. Not help. Than i try enter to Ranked games and click Leaderboards - same problem there. Everything worked fine just 2 weeks ago - i bought some gems with no problem


Same issue as above.

Switched display mode, didn’t do anything, also tried the leaderboard and just got the constant load symbol.


i am having the same issue, its been like this for a few days now. i am currently trying to scan and repair the game to see if that will fix it but for now im at the mercy of this forum. please blizzard i need my alexstraza, i just found out im good at her last cycle :’(


Hey everyone!

If you are experiencing this issue, it’d greatly help us to collect some logs from your machines.

  1. Navigate to the Heroes of the Storm\Support\BlizzardBrowser\logs folder on your machine.
  2. Grab a couple of the log files from the past few times you logged on and saw this issue.
  3. Using the thread pinned at the top of the forum, send us those logs to

These logs will greatly help us identify exactly what is happening to you all so we can fix this for you!

Thanks so much for your help!


Same issue, nothing from topic resolved it, nothing new was found to fix it?


Having the same issue, tried the ranked leaderboard and that won’t load either.


Same for me. Endlessly spins when I click on the amount of gems I want to buy, never loads into payment methods or anything. Same thing for Ranked Leaderboards. No other issues in the game.


Has a fix for this been found? I’m getting the endless loading circle as well when I attempt to purchase gems.


I am having the same issue, except mine just spins for a sec, then reverts back to the gem selections :frowning:


I’d really like to spend my money, guess blizzard doesn’t want it.


I am having this exact same issue…


Same Issue as well. Click on amount get a spinning loading icon briefly on a new overlay then it closes out like nothing happend. Leaderboards fail to work as well


agreed ,i try to go to the support but dont cant do anything