Cant purchase gems in heroes of the storm

My friends and I cant purchase gems in heroes of the storm, page says “gems currently unavailable, try again later”.

I recommend mentioning from what region/country you are trying to make the purchase from, and what region/country your account is registered with. Recently some people have had issues making purchases with Israel registered accounts, but purchases in that region were working fine for foreign accounts. I am unsure if that specific issue has been resolved.

True when my region was USA I had no trouble. But just yesterday i changed my region to Saudi Arabia and now i cant buy gems.

Hi, I faced the same issue, I am from country Malaysia/Asia, account register at America. Any advise?

I recommend contacting support or seeking technical support if the issue is not fixed within a week.

i did contact support, but end up tthey just send me the link of forum, did ur issue solve?