Can't play - nearly all heroes disabled


i just downloaded HOTS. But i can’t play. all my heroes are disabled. Can you help me?

Shop looks bugged as well

All heroes are disabled since this morning for me too in EU
They will be back but when ?


I have the same issues

I have the same issue, but instead everything is just blank - like no heroes showing up, half the UI missing etc.

anyone know what’s going on? I played last night and it worked fine.

I have the same issues (in EU). Two days ago I could play just fine… Now the store and all gamemodes are disabled and I cannot see my heroes or my amount of shards gems and coins. I have tried the following without success:
-Deleting the cache.
-Deleting the tools folder.
-Deleting the variables.txt and resetting the ingame options.
-Scan and repair.
-Uninstalling and reinstalling the game.
-Giving the game firewall permissions.

Any other ideas as to what to do?

same, here to follow

Same here, everything seems fine on another account so i guess game files are ok.

Same here, can’t seem to find any heroes I previously bought on my account