Cannot block Racist pair shutting down entire game

There is a player called iLagOutJews that is playing ARAMs and lagging out entire team. Despite blocking all pings and messages you cannot stop his lag. His party mate is called iPissOnToJews and he spams the N-Word entire game in chat as well. These two need their IPs banned.

How does blocking someone’s pings in game not actually STOP their pinging? Are they hacking the game somehow???

If they are somehow doing this, then I recommend reporting them as a cheater/hacker. They must have found an exploit allowing them to generate lag and with their user name it is likely more than coincidental lag.

Naming and shaming is not allowed on the forums. Especially since names without the ID code are not unique.

This is not really possible. Most consumer ISPs allocate their users an IP address randomly from a pool of IP addresses. As such all it might take for them to get around this IP ban is to just restart their network infrastructure to get a new IP address. At best temporary IP bans can be used to time out people, permanent IP bans will likely end up affecting innocent people.

The HotS block list is a limited size. If you are getting an error saying you cannot block the person, then you will need to remove the oldest entries from your block list in the game options. Chances are you will never see those people again anyway.

If they are chat blocked, but their pings still get through, then there is not much you can do about it. That said, pings can only be annoying since they cannot contain any inappropriate language and have a rate limit.

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I did not get any lag. Maybe it is your connection?

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Can confirm no lag in QM

I am on a Ryzen 5000 processor
with 16GB of ram though.

until blizard do not swap stuff for people with brain there is no chance to by better.