Can we meet halfway with Auriel Please?

Back in the day Auriel used to have a talent that decreased her Ray of Heaven cooldown from 4 seconds down to 2. This as we all know, completely destroyed her place in the game and was supposed to be what made her different than other cool-down based supports.

Her entire gimmick was that as long as she has energy, she can heal. Plain and simple.

Now a days though that 4 second baseline heal is really starting to show its age and hurts the core purpose of her kit. What’s the point of this energy generating mechanic if all I’m going to do is wait around for CD anyways like all the other support heroes?

Let’s meet in the middle and lower the base CD to 3 seconds instead of 4.


16 lvl stack quest for W. Those 4 seconds will allow you to collect full energy (with every usage it will be harder).

Everybody like AoE Reghar’s AH every 4 seconds.


This is true. If you added some kind of CDR for Ray of Heaven, it would have to be something conditional. Do x to achieve a second of CDR for ROH.

I’m not sure what that should be to keep her balanced. The Devs have said many times that just small adjustments to Auriel can make her broken.

I get what LCD is saying, Auriel feels like she’s fallen off a little, but it’s very hard to judge healers currently with Rehgar off the leash.

Auriels problem is she need a proper energy battery to work. I see so many times in qm where the crowned hero are affraid to do dmg so she ends with no energy and then she gets spam pinged for not healing when they have no clue how she works.

Maybe give her energy regen out of combat to prevent her from energy starving like as long she has her crown on someone she get 1 energy every 1sec out of combat.

But I have no idea really.


Getting a good battery isn’t the only problem.

Not everyone knows to group up for her heals.


First of all, I don’t really mind the idea of 3 secs CDs of Ray of Heaven, it’ll be definitely nice for early to mid game but gotta be honest that it’ll also as close to be broken late game, there’re countless of times, probably 90% of my previous Auriel game for at least a few years ago till now, that I have energy to wait for CDs instead of the other way round and ends up less than a second too late to clutch heal/save my allies.

The CDs reduction talent had to be removed, it’s too good, especially when combined with Reservoir of hope at Lv.16 it made your team the potential of almost unkillable later on, it doesn’t destroy her place, it made her under control to not just spam heal here and there mindlessly, average player can get good amount of healing by just pick these 2 talents but decent player won’t get just good amount but “grand”.

This would be the definition of Lt.Morales, not Auriel because she always has CDs to limit how often she heals since day 1, so even with full energy you still need to wait her CDs, her gimmick are decent wave clear, AOE heal and resurrection.

The point of her energy generating is her design to reward you how big number you can gain from harvesting the energy through you and your allies, unlike other healers who has fixed number on their heal, Auriel’s heal number is not fixed, it rely on your performance.

Yes, your own performance.

Your allies and those so called “batteries” are just a part of it, even there’re godly skilled assassins on your team but you fail to use your trait on them at the right time, then your energy will be less generated thus less healing number for your team.

Even there’re none at least semi-potent assassins on your team to be your battery, her level 7 talents offer you ways to make it less hard to harvest your energy.

Another point of her energy regenerating is, if you can manage it well enough, then you don’t need to heartz back to base to replenish your mana like other healers do, Auriel can be around to keep generating energy.

Now back to the CDs reduction on her heal, I still personally believe giving it bluntly for 3 seconds is a little too much, maybe

  • 3.5 seconds or her cd will be 2 steps, first 3 seconds and 4 seconds for the next heal then back to 3 seconds again, so it won’t be too broken.
  • if need to be talented then bring it back on lv.13 talent to let player decide if they see more heal is needed than more utility.
  • if you don’t like it on lv.13 then bakes it into Reservoir of Hope but decrease the amount of healing you get to stack, perhaps from 75 to 50.

In what world is a 4 seconds cd for AoE healing considered bad?

High stacks combined with Searing Light might get too good tho.

I think you put your finger on it Dr. Logan. Many times playing Auriel that has caused me great frustration. It’s not quite as bad as those who refuse to use Alex’s Abundance, but it’s a part of the problem.


She can’t even get energy anyway…

What are you taking about, have you never hit enemy heroes with her Q? Or you can even hit lane minions with her Q and get almost full energy from that. Auriel works best with a good battery of course, but she does high damage and has been reworked enough so she has tools to generate her own energy.


Part of Auriel’s difficulties is that it’s only one heal in that 4 seconds. It’s not that the aoe heal is bad, but rather, that she doesn’t have as many options as other characters.

Most other healers have gotten more buttons that they can use, that while they have longer cooldowns for each effect, several heals/buffs/debuffs can be used in a 4 second span to react to critical situations or multiple allied targets. In a way, she’s on the lower end of getting power creeped out due to more healers getting additional 1,2,3,d,z options and buffs/debuffs.


I guess. Though her E can both peel ,interrupt or secure kills.

This 4 second CD just feels incredibly awkward and long in real games. I’m just sitting there with full energy waiting for this CD meanwhile my team is dying. It’s one heal, meanwhile other supports have at least two plus some sort of cleanse or CC.

Auriel is still considered one of the worst healers in the game at the moment even with her latest adjustments in December. They didn’t fix the core reason as to why shes struggling and it’s because her heal/energy mechanic doesn’t make any sense for what it’s supposed to be in contrast to other supports.

Take for one example Alexstraza. She lacks any sort of cleanse just like Auriel, but makes up for it for all the healing she can ouput. Top someone off with Q, then throw a fat heal on the ground that also produces a globe and mounted movement speed if you talent into that. Then pop dragon for even more healing and resets.

So yeah, when you compare all of that to Auriel’s 4 second heal that’s based on energy…yeah it’s bad.


I would honestly rather have some kind of range buff talent for Ray of heaven or area buff than a cooldown reduction. A valla vaulting your full energy pool is depressing.

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here’s my idea… make the cooldown dependent on how many allied heroes got healed…
1 hero - 2 sec cooldown,
2 heroes, but one is Auriel herself - 2 sec cooldown,
2 heroes, but neither is Auriel - 3 sec cooldown
3 heroes. but one is Auriel herself - 3 sec cooldown
3 heroes, but neither is Auriel - 4 seconds
4 heroes, but one is Auriel herself - 4 seconds
4 heroes, but neither is Auriel - 5 seconds
entire team - 5 seconds

if that’s not good enough then another option is to combine it with her energy pool, for each % of energy pool missing, she regains her cooldown that much faster

so say she casts a heal at 25% pool, she will regain her cooldown 75% faster
is she casts it a 100% pool, then the cooldown is 0% faster, meaning it’s the full seconds listed above

You need to be carefull what you ask for about Auriel casue the slightest buff to her healing will make her OP with ChoGall.


But… the whole point of auriel is to heal your team, not to carefully aim it to hit one person but not another. You might as well use Lucio now and post-your changes.

That is one issue. The last time the Devs did adjust Auriel they made a comment that buffing her slightly can cause her to be broken, not just with Cho’gall.

If Ray of Heaven was to be adjusted in some manner, it needs to be conditional such as CDR which relies on player skill. I’m really not sure exactly how you would go about adjusting Aruiel, as you say Froggy buffing her can be a very slippery slope.


what are you saying, her issue imo, is her heal is dependent on 2 things, the energy pool and how many heroes it hits

so technically her heal value fluctuates between 1-5x… that a lot of range for value, even more if you find yourself having to pop one early without full energy
sure you’d want more often than not to hit all your team to get maximum value, but is that happening in the early game much? wouldn’t you be probably in a lane and maybe have 1 more person with you, the battery, while the others are somewhere else on the map?

in practice many things could happen, she might not have full energy, she might not have all her team nearby, but in cases where 1 cast hits the entire team at full energy if they were really low that one cast almost brings the entire team back to about beyond 50% HP which is quite powerful i think
but in other scenarios, like just doing it on one person that value is 5x less… but her costs are the same as the previous scenario, her cooldown is still gonna be 4 seconds and her energy pool is again brought down to 0

i dunno seems strange to me, in the sense that a heal on one person her cost is too great for the payoff, while when having the entire team get hit with a heal is too good compared to the cost

Malfurion was changed because healing over time is just not feasible in this game, hence they made his moonfire also trigger a spurt of healing on targets with his healing over time active, when moonfire lands
Rehgar too was granted more healing as an option on his totem
Even your boi Lucio was granted the High Five ability

but i think i understand why she was designed this way, and that’s because of 2 talents
Glimmer of hope - regen orb makes next cast cost 75% less energy
Reservoir of hope - full energy casts increase the reservoir by 75 energy

without the 4 second cooldown she would be busted, those 2 talents are mandatory imo
but that 4 seconds is always a fixture no matter what, a lot can happen in 4 seconds, someone might get blown up in that time frame 100-0

so what’s her strength? to do powerful heals on her entire team, but those 2 talents double down on that concept, she’s lacking in the other departments, of just popping something quick as the situation might demand, and this what people seem to feel right now

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