Can my whole team be banned?


Not sure if I can post this here, but I was just playing a quick game and whole game my teammates bully me for not participating in teamfights, but actually I was participating. I didn’t answer them at all, I did all with my Varian. Soaked, took camps, came for teamfights. After around 10 minutes they all went AFK, still saying bad words to me, all 4 of them. I reported them all, but to be honest I am not sure if it works at all. I didn’t write notes for reports, just gave them all “afk-non participation” and “abusive text chat” (left the note part empty). I am just wondering, will they all get banned for this behaviour even though they were 4 and I was alone?

If anyone, PM me, I will send you the replay because forum doesn’t allow to post links, you can all see that I didn’t do anything bad, I participated in all teamfights and I never chatted, even once.

I would like to hear an answer from a community manager, thanks.

P.S, proof

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If you want to post links, make sure you surround them with ` on each side of the link.

Will they get banned? Depends how often they are reported.

Many will tell you: Report and move on. Don’t dwell on it. That is all that can be done. Don’t depend on Blizz to help you out either.

You did the right thing. NEVER chat in-game. It is the environment Blizz has created for us, and we abuse it like crazy.

There is a forum poster here that admits they have multiple accounts in the forums and they use it expressly to report and silence people here. Some people lost their posting levels because of their abuse. You will know who they are because their English is broken to the point where you don’t understand anything and if you reply they will report you because they don’t understand anything you say. Blizz has done nothing about this, but rather encouraged it.

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I just find it so annoying. All my friends tell me that I should mute everyone before the game even starts. That’s so bad, we must not get adapted to toxic people, no. They must adapt to us!!

Sometimes I am having some fun conversations in chat after the game, sometimes sharing opinions. It’s an online game, right? I don’t want to accept that muting everyone is the best option. I really want these people to get banned, yes, because they broke the community guideline.


I feel you I truly do. I wish for the same thing. This is why I stopped playing the game and started playing FFXIV. It’s not the same game and all that, but I’m happier for it.

The fact that you must first mute your teammates in fear of toxicity and not chat with them in fear of being reported before you start having fun is a bad sign.

The regulars must have some words of wisdom to put up with this environment.

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If they were a premade, you got hit by one of the pitfalls of solo queuing; You ran into a toxic 4 premade that would probably flame the one solo on their team no matter the outcome of the match.

I am just wondering, will they all get banned for this behaviour even though they were 4 and I was alone?

Not from your reports alone, but if they get dozens of reports from other players they will either get a temporary suspension or after 3+ temp suspensions, a permanent ban.

Of course, getting that many reports will take ages if they queue as 4.

I didn’t answer them at all

That was the right thing to do: Even if they maliciously submitted 4 abusive chat reports on you they will automatically go into the discard pile, since you have not typed during the match (reports for this category are automated, not read by staff unless they review a ban/silence appeal, then chat logs will be read).


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:four_leaf_clover: Good Luck with that.:four_leaf_clover:


That’s great to hear, I didn’t know about this. That’s why pros on youtube keep saying “never chat with these people” xD


Im one of them. People who false flag others should have a ban themself.


People really flag each other for different opinions?

There are one on this forum who does. He dont understand proper English and when you say something to him he would flag you for abuse chat and log into the many other alt accounts he has and flag you. I lost my Tier 3 on this forum because of him false flagging me. And his exuse would be it was not him but his friends or someone els did it.


No one can get banned from a single report.

(Otherwise, every player would be banned by now)


Did you try to contact the support?

even if they break the rules?

Yes. Because it’s an automated system and the reports are not checked one by one. I know some offenses have more weight than others. But they’ll never tell us the exact numbers.


I recommend filling in the note. This likely can help the people who review the reports to determine if the report was legitimate and not a robot or someone who reports everyone for no reason.

If they do it enough, then yes. However every single person will likely be treated separately so it is also possible that only some may eventually get punished if they keep up such behaviour.

Sadly one must remember that some ill behaved children do play Heroes of the Storm. Best one can do is move on and hope to never see them again, at least until they start acting mature.

You mean “that” guy whose name ends in 7? And when caught he insists it was other people or his associates /“friends”?

How is he not banned :confused:
I have been on many forums in my life but this is a special person…
Never seen such behavior.


As previously stated, “Never Chat In Game”. It’s a numbers game that does not account for length of play. You just need enough offensive reports and you are banned. Nobody double checks, exploiters exploit the system with no remorse.

They might not like the way you play “report”. I actually heard people report Tychus for offensive text because they did not like the thong outfit… He did not say anything offensive, but it will count to his ban total.

That is the system we have.

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People flag you for anything, and that is ok here at Blizzard!

I think people need to be punished for meaningless reports.

You’re right.

Blizz doesn’t care what you think though.

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Yeah, right? Who we are? Just people because of whom the company exists (not exactly two of us)