Can jaina get some better level 20 talents?


Ice blink is pathetic (pretty sure li ming teleport on a 60 second cooldown doesnt need to be a level 20 talent…), the trait talent is boring, and i feel forced into picking an ult upgrade all the time.


Li ming also doesn’t have slows, so her only form of escape is teleport while Jaina is constantly slow the enemy from chasing her.

But this talent does feel like it hard to use both offensively and defensively because of not only it’s short range,but if forces Jaina to basically blink into the enemy.

I would much rather her have just regular Bolt over ice blink, but Jaina as a hero is fine right now, so lets leave her alone for a bit.


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Pretty sure there was a thread that stated that an announcer from HGC said that Wintermute was so strong that Jaina could 1v5 a whole team.

Obviously that’s not true, but taking a look at it I can see why.


I think water elemental is too strong honestly. For an ult with 0 skill requirement it can be extremely high impact. I think ring should nearly always be the better ult in the hands of a skilled player. I would either like to see water elemental die when jaina dies or its uptime reduced.


What is wrong with an ult upgrade? A lot of heroes tend to pick their ult upgrades at 20, this isn’t exclusive to Jaina. And you’re definitely underestimating the value of Bolt of the Storm / Ice Blink and similar abilities (especially when said Blink also happens to chill enemies to better slow them).


I feel like the ring upgrade is underwhelming, especially when compared to Wintermute. As for her blink, the range on it is pitiful compared to normal Bolt of the Storm. Even with the added chill effect, it just seems a bit underwhelming when compared to the sheer power of Wintermute.

Maybe Wintermute is just too good? I don’t want to get it nerfed or anything though. Of her level 20 talents, its by far the biggest power spike; I wouldn’t mind to see a comparable bit of power on her other 20 options.

This isn’t something unique to Jaina either. A lot of heroes have pretty underwhelming 20 talents. For the final powerspike a hero gets, you would think more of them would be competitive options.


You adjust accordingly… The Ring Upgrade is particularly good for the CDR it provides, giving you a higher uptime as well as being more difficult to dodge the root effect. The Chill Effect of the Blink is used more for disengage when you’ve gotten drafted against by heavy divers or melee with a lot of gap closers, that can more or less bypass or make short work of your Water Elemental.

Wintermute is solid if you’re focused on a more 1v1 scenario, or dealing with a lot of mobility, but if you’re looking at team compositions itself that help to facilitate Ring of Frost, like having Johanna as a tank, then Ring of Frost and its upgrade comes out on top as you’ll be able to follow up on the tank CC and landing Ring of Frost more often – and this can have a higher impact in turning games around.

Her level 20 is pretty solid in terms of choices it has to offer in adjusting to the situation at hand, as well as composition you’re working with. It has a lot of flexibility and I don’t think Jaina needs to be played with such rigid choices. And in terms of numbers they’re fairly competitive of each other.


id have to find it again but the guy on the right hand side of the screen with the gunnars and blue blazer said it.


Crappy blink with iceblock =/= crappy blink
Add to that shields/slows/roots and you know why Jaina is THE mage.
Also Elemental received small collateral nerfs.