Can I actually win/have fun

Is this actually possible? it seems all i get is toxic teammates or the worst possible experience. I hate these loss streaks, winning 1 out of every 10 matches sucks(and this isn’t once in a while, it’s like frequent). If i’m bad, then why is the enemy team always so much better. If i take a character outside of AI to practice then how come I always get the
worst game experience possible… it’s like they(Actitvision Blizzard) really wants this game to fail and give the player the worst possible experience. This game is supposed to be the game of comebacks but every match I’ve played has been a one sided stomp. A lot of times it’s like the enemy has pushed into base, took out all the keeps, and are just turning the game into a death match and making the experience as bad as possible. This should be reportable as griefing, just end the match.

It’s a bad feeling when I play a role I’m not accustomed to(healer and support… I hate these roles so much) and people tell me how much I suck at the role then I feel the need to overanalyze their build and tell them they don’t have the right talents to succeed vs the enemy team. This arguing doesn’t do any favors for my team, a lot of times it devolves into people typing too much rather then playing. Idk wtf I did to deserve these losses but this is old and it feels like the only way to make this experience “somewhat” enjoyable is to have a premade 5 at all times with people that are competent in their role and heroes… and they can never learn new heroes or have fun. I think I’m done with this game because this won’t be the case. If you could at least make healers fun again and less healbotty that would be a step in the right direction. I liked DPS Tyrande way more than her current boring kit.

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Looks like you’re topic belongs to the Salt mines.

DPS Tyrande is still possible though, if you’re good with her. It is just not busted anymore as it used to be.

Do you ever heard of Chad Lucio or Uther?


Prepare to suffer if you play healbots alone in QM. The worst way to play HotS.

If you’re really going to even heal alone in QM at least pick a healer who is strong even in a 1v1 fight and not just a walking heal fountain.


I play a ton in solo q QM. Fairly commonly as the Healer as well because I like a lot of them. And I don’t face these problems.
Healers are not just healbots.
Comebacks do happen.
Teammates are rarely toxic.


Weird thing to say after this:

Like you admit here that you’re defocusing your team just to protect your ego.
You could just mute chat, I mean you yourself admit that these roles are your weak points.

But if you’re tired, take a break. This is a game for fun, if you don’t have fun, stop. But know that you can do things that can help you.


If you only have fun when you win, then HOTS (or maybe any game) isn’t for you.


It is not about having fun when you win. For last 2 weeks I have played almost 40 games in Aram and I only got 3 wins. I quit playing storm league long time ago because of endless loss treaks. 40/3 ratio was insanely bullsht.
However this week i uninstalled this sht and switched to Dota. Would I ever play Hots again? oh hell no.

So… why are you commenting on a game, in the game’s forum, when you’ve uninstalled and moved past it?

You must live an uneventful life that you’d waste your time commenting on games you don’t play.


Especially as their first and probably last comment.


At least on that account anyway. It would be embarrassing to make a comment like that only to continue posting on a disliked game’s forum lol

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed people here with comments in the thousands who constantly say the game is terrible and they don’t play it anymore. lol

I’ve asked them why they keep posting, they never reply.

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Not going to lie, I don’t play much anymore but I check in to see if the game is heading in a direction I’m interested in or not but I usually don’t insult the game or people for playing it.

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That’s completely fair and completely different to the posters I was referring to.

They say “I have quit, the game is dead and trash, the community is trash, I will never play again”, yet still haunt the forums. It makes no sense to me why they would post on a forum for a game they have quit and hate.


I agree.

so do you play games to lose constantly? because i’ll tell you right here and now if you’re playing Dark Souls and can’t get past the tutorial stages, likeliness of you continuing is going to go extremely down. the idea isn’t to win every match. either having closer games or having winnable games would be a better alternative.

BUT i guess as you said, i should only expect losses and have so much fun when losing 10 games in a row. WOOOOOOOOO!

Huh? Where did you get that from? I said in my post if you expect wins only, then don’t play. That is true for any game, there is an old adage, “you can’t win them all!”


My posts are mostly always salt mines anyways. you have a point though, Uther is a pubstomper… in QM tho i always have a problem that my team NEVER protects the healer. Even if I tell them I need someone to defend me they continue on as if I said nothing. It’s infuriating playing with people that ignore chat, pings, and the map. They sour the playing experience so much it really makes me question why they removed inexperience player or w/e that report was. It was so much better having teammates that actually helped and attempted to work together as a team. It dumbfounds me when my team has a tank that dives the enemy healer while their 3 man dive is killing me and he questions why he isn’t getting heals.

Also @Minky, my original point was never to win them all, it just seems like I’m punished for playing anything new vs people… or at least in the healer role. Idk what it is about tanks but in my experience I hardly see people be toxics to their tanks or towards their tanks. Tbh I have the highest win rate in this role but I feel in ranks it might help to have a few healers under my belt.

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I feel you, I’m pretty much a Tank/Healer main and in QM both roles are more thankless than playing in ranked. The Devs said in the past that if you’re playing a new hero you are given an MMR advantage. So in other words you’re put agasint a team that has a lower MMR rating than you do. If they still do this or not, I can’t really say.

The healer role is often just a scapegoat for a certain kind of player. They can die by being ganked on the other side of the map and ping spam and blame you. I know it’s easy to say, but you have to just try to ignore people like that. QM is there for learning new heroes anyway, people shouldn’t be taking it so seriously. I wish you best of luck, healers are quite fun!

Ppl typically blame others for losses and sometimes it’s true, but most of the times they’re just too dumb to understand how the loss occurred. Want evidence? Pick Uther as a main healer and watch them as they complain about your healing stats when compared to the enemy BW or Lucio. The first thing they will do is say that you’re healing stats suck and look at the enemy healers heal. I say this because Uther isn’t great at healing, however he is excellent at mitigating damage which is 2 different things but one isn’t shown in the stats. Sure, it’s possible to sometimes keep up, but usually that’s because you’re snowballing or you’re REALLY good at Uther, but this task is very difficult to pull off. Odds are, your toxic allies were just dropped on their heads when they were kids.

As for win/losing in this game, there’s very little you can do about it, unless you’re really good. Usually carrying is done with heroes that can accomplish a lot more than your typical heroes for instance Greymane. While every class is capable of somewhat carrying, bruisers and asn tend to be the best at doing this and so typically they are the more popular picks because everybody thinks they’re amazing at Sonya.

The unfortunate reality of this game is that USUALLY your game is decided based on how well your team cooperates and who is the weakest player in the game and so it feels like the game is based more on a flip of a coin than anything else, since very few want to cooperate and the weakest player on the team always wants to split push until lvl 30 or fight over something very nonsensical like mid vision at lvl 20 when obj is at bottom of the map.

My best tip to you if you’re looking how to win is simply try to find ways to snowballs your team in levels. This is usually done through ambushes but can be difficult if your team lacks awareness so the alternative tends to be soaking and clearing camps at the right moments. Usually level advantages can make up for having bad players.


Only winning matters.

That’s how I feel also. I think I’m a better Anduin player, but I have higher win rate with Rehgar in QM.