Bring back Volskaya, dump Warhead

Competitive players were hoping for a new round of things and instead, we got another season of Warhead Junction… one of the most unenjoyable maps in the game.

PLEASE bring back Volskaya in ranked! At least that map had fun objectives and camps that had value.


Nice joke, not gonna lie.

The music and the dude’s voice is fun, I like it.
I’ve expressed my appreciation for Warhead before, but Volskaya is meh.

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“I’m bad at the game and only know how to push as 5. Please remove all skill based maps from the game. thx blozzard”

warhead is such a terrible map, i dont know why it’s in the rotations.

The game has a lot of maps but most are really really terrible. Terran maps tend to be horrible.

I will knock you out if you type that again, Warhead is amazing

Put them both in rotation i love them both

Screw the Rota, I want to play all Maps in Ranked. :cry: