Bring Back Ammo

Heroes of the Storm was only good when it was fast paste push and pound non stop fighting. Once you remove ammo and encourage slowing down the action it just becomes a watered down MOBA without armor and items or anything fun.

I know a lot of tower humping turtles love no ammo but they’re losers and no one cares what they think.

No, tower ammo was an awful idea. Made towers and forts completely useless once a hero like Abathur depleted all their ammo.


Okay guys i just wanted to say it while i could but i have not laughed that hard looking at nickames since a while.

I’m all for bringing ammo back and nerfing towers.

Perhaps I would also consider option where ammo only depletes when tower is hitting heroes.

wow, people really want towers to be a freaking joke, huh.

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