Brawl Suggestion

Hello blizzard, lately I have been playing a lot of brawls with my sons as we are all home. I know its random heroes but I was wondering if you might make it a selection of 5 instead of 3. I have bad luck and usually get chrome, cassia, or zarya in about half of my matches as picks.

Just a suggestion, maybe if you just moved it to 5 for one of the maps in the rotation to mix it up, it would kinda be neat.

5 heroes to pick and no one is gonna pick a healer.

5 to chose ia not bad but they need to remove TLV into the pool

Well, to counter that, they could make one player’s choices all healers. Too bad for him if he doesn’t like healers, but oh well, it is ARAM after all.

I’d rather have 5 choices too.