Brawl Hero Selection

I feel like both teams should get the exact same selection to make the match more interesting.
Who can make due best with the same options…?

I honestly don’t believe that all games being mirror matches would make it better.


I’ve long thought the same thing. It would be at least more fair if both teams had the same options. And yes I know it’s supposed to be random, but we all know some heroes have more potential to destroy the other team than others.

I don’t think they’d all be mirror matches. Not all the time at least. Maybe. I’d like to try it, at least.

I miss when brawl was 10 players all the same hero :’(

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Some mirrors are incredibly painful to play. Imagine both teams having only Chens and Johannas. Or only Stitches and Deckards.

The match would take forever to end.

Would end up in mirror matches most of the time. Li Ming rolled? Both teams have 1. Thrall rolled? Both teams have 1. Azmodan rolled? Both teams have one…

I personally would like to see the rules expanded so that hero duplicates are not possible. If one team rolls a hero, the other cannot and it will at most roll once. There should be enough heroes now to make this possible. This creates a much more normal gameplay like experience and avoids degenerate situations such as 2 Lunara or Ana who cannot stack their DoT correctly.