Botting farmer in ranked

In the following replay you can CLEARLY SEE that those accounts are controlled by 1 entity! The owner of those 4 accounts apparently has also a bad internet/bad computer, as he was occasionally lagging while doing the multitask. It is also possible that this was a human doing this interactions while multitasking thru ALT+TAB.

I dont know where else I am supposed to make the complaint about this. But if this extends any further, it will completely devastate whatever integrity is left of the game!

To the developers and moderators of this forum - I am aware of the rules of your forums! But I have no idea how otherwise I am supposed to make YOU aware of this issue, other than violating your own rules. The replay will show you 4 man party accounts controlled by one singular entity (be it human, or automated program).

The purpose of the owner is most likely to reach bronze 5, and also sell those accounts. My guess would be that this is an incentive created by your own flawed party system. Since people get to rank up easier with lower ranked players. Which has already ruined the integrity of the ranked games.

This is happening on the EU server.

file. io/h3jZ3xtLvqL8

You can report them for suspected botting in game, there is an option. You can also go and open a ticket with CS.

I find that doubtful for HOTS, as even master accounts are sold cheaply. Many streamers are gifted Bronze accounts to do their “Bronze to Master” challenges.

I’ve seen one single multiboxer in all my life of 3000 matches and that was in an AI game. He had usernames like “player1, player2, player 3” and he openly admitted doing it (controlling them all himself)

It’s not botting though, and I’m not sure if it’s even against the rules.
And he was moving them very sluggishly so I don’t even see the advantage, not even a korean sc2 pro can micro 3+ heroes successfully in HotS and stutter step them all in fights etc.

I mean you can do it with Vikings which all share the same couple abilities.

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He actually did! He continued with his lose streak and reached nearly bronze 5! I kept the game in the background to keep a track, since I got a PTSD from that game to attempt playing any further.

Honestly, I am surprised myself that there is a black market demand in this game. But apparently there is! The proof is in the replay! Those accounts are controlled by 1 entity as a 4 man party.

All of the 4 accounts had the same “vs AI” match history grind order. He played the exact same heroes, in the exact same order. This is some next level power leveling accounts, and preparing it for bronze 5 deranking. The person behind seem skilled in this type of market.

Are you sure this is not against rules in ranked games and “vs player” in general? Let me remind you again - that was a RANKED GAME! If you do claim that this is legal in a “vs player” mode, then this does not speak well for the future of this game. This means that this kind of behavior will grow.

AND if he is to do it, would it not be more practical for him to do it as a 5man party accounts? I basically was a victim of this! I was not intending on deranking that game! What makes him so special to do this? Are you suggesting that we should keep quiet and support this behavior?

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I’m pretty sure it’s against the rules. It may not be botting with AI/Macro, but it’s still botting.

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Should not come as a surprice if botting is real in this game. I have already seen some cases in B5 from a friend where people dont even move and just afk attack minion waves and dies or soak tower shots long time after his own minion wave is gone until he dies or gets low on hp.

No sane human would play like that even in bronze. Can only be a bot.

The file you requested has been deleted

I’ve played with such Bronze 5’s and they are very human. They also talk.

They’re just not very smart. Remember it could also be like a 6 year old who randomly installed HotS. Or a very drugged up person. All kinds of people play games.

I remember playing a Runescape server and it was full of people who admitted they were on drugs. They were just standing there occassionally hacking at a tree every 5 minutes and chatting with people. You could come back 12 hours later and they’re still there.

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The website had a 24 hours only support policy I think. I dont plan to re-upload it. I already pushed my luck with the upload! And apparently people believe that those were just plain stupid players, which further justifies bronze booster smurf account sales. I did what I could

lol! Well too true. This reminds me of my D3 days, there were a great many players like this. Getting into a party with them could be so frustrating as they were always taking constant “breaks.”


I remember when i qued up for bounty runs you would have 3 people standing in base doing nothing but wait for you to complete all the bounties. No idea if they were indeed bots or just lazy people. But nonederless I mostly leaved those groupes again If I saw no one start doing his own stuff to get the bounty completed.

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