Bot's in most games now

Is it just me or has there been a pretty large uptake in Bots lately? I see them doing things an ordinary person would do. Taking the exact same path over and over, hearthing for no reason just to repeat the same path again.


I only see tons of AFK players in all of my matches and then they drop and are replaced by AI. This has become quite the standard.

In nearly all my matches people are also sitting in the base after the game has already started and then move like 30s - 60s later to the lanes. If you ping them it’s just “Chill”. I don’t know why people these days queue for multiplayer matches, but then don’t play.

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no, thats just a regular bronze 5, and i don’t mean bronze 5 as an insult

people overuse the word “bot” for bad players

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Lol you might be mistaking humans for bots from how erm, unique they play :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty standard for HOTS QM games and I’ve been here since launch. The AFK timer for the beginning of the game needs to be lowered to no more than a minute. Two minutes and thirty seconds is far too forgiving for any small distraction that would cause someone to go momentarily AFK.

I think if the timer wasn’t this long, people would not be so likely to AFK when games start. At the very least your team would get AI before the first objective pops.


^ :100: ^percent^ :100: %

This. Certain players instantly cry foul and accuse people of “botting” if they play passive, such as only soaking a lane and rarely fighting (which is a very common way of playing HotS in a rank like Bronze, where most bot accusations originate from).

A child playing will also often repeat the same patterns, like dying in lane, going back, until the match ends. Some will certainly accuse the player of “botting”, when it is nothing more than a very young regular player.

Some players in QM have been just doing PVE. Makes it harder, yes.

But more common are all the players that enter game and just sit at base leaving the game a 3 or 4 v 5 beginning. To be down 1 or 2 levels before 5 minutes is hard to make up given the need for lane-ing and objectives.

Not that AI is any better but maybe they should just punt the player for an AI toon if they don’t move within the first 15 seconds.

You can ping the bots and AMove to the next game faster!

There should be little more leniency towards chat offences, because after messages can be easily be blocked or filtered out with little impact on game quality. The saddest thing about the current state of the game is how players much less often get burned for ruining games on purpose (or through bad luck in technical sense which isn’t any worse since it wastes time for 9 other people).

It is not really obvious to the enemy team if someone rage quits and that is a big problem when it comes to reporting because you can’t just let them know the moment someone’s connection gets broken, since they can heavily capitalise on the 5v4 situation even if your guy is absent for only half a minute.

Afk at the start of game which results in automatic disconnect should be automatically be registered and reported, because things can very easily snowball from there.

There are 2 simple solutions to this which blizzard needs to add:

  1. when at least 3 players report another player as afk, he should be removed from the game and replaced by ai
  2. add a “give up” vote functionality. if all human team members vote to give up, just end the game so you don’t have to stay for 15min waiting for the enemy to win.

It is extremely frustrating because there is simply no way to rise in league if you always loose because of afk players. It ruins the game for me and it will probably make me move to play something else.

What happens when three or four players are grouped and falsely report a solo player for AFK just to grief them? As it stands now there is no punishment for those making false reports.

The Devs have always said that a surrender option isn’t going to be added to Hots. If you added a surrender option with your first suggestion, the amount of abuse and grief those two ideas together could do would make Hots unplayable, at least for solo players.

I think similar to how abusive chat reports only work if the person typed, afk reports should have a similar system.

But that would require work to implement and we know what that isn’t going to happen.

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