Board Game Bugged?


Board game appears to be bugged.

Received MVP in last game, got the sticker and loot box, but now it will not let me roll.

Have already tried restarting the game and relogging.

Is it just a problem on my end or are others having the same issue?

Thanks for looking in to this!

No recibo los cofres al completar las 3 misiones

Hey all,

We’re aware of an issue with the board game that is preventing players from progressing. We’ve actively investigating the issue and will update when we have more info.

Thanks and apologies for the inconvenience,

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Awesome. Thank you very much!


I am also having this issue, my quest was win 2 games as a warrior and it was my final sticker, except i didn’t receive the loot chest either. Hoping its shows up after the bug is fixed.


I have completed my quests and cant roll the die to move along the board.

Thanks for getting on it!


Mine just did similar. Board froze and showed the current 50k spell damage as 50,000 of 50,000 completed. Also had the three stickers for my free chest. After about 2 minutes of back-and-forth checking the quest cleared and I was allowed to re-roll. Chest sticker filled in but no chest was awarded. I logged out then back in. Still missing my chest.


I am guessing there was something written in the coding for the event to end today probably. Wasn’t removed or dealt with so here we are stuck in a game board.


sounds probable.


I’ve got the same issue. After getting MVP in the last round in which I finished my quest (basic attack damage, did it as Hammer), I now can’t click to roll anymore.


Is this the thread where they will let us know whats up or is there a twitter for this particular game?


I noticed something which may help in the investigation.
I leveled Stukov to 5. i got the player level chest and another board game chest. My quest is not completed, i’m 2/6 multikill.


I can’t continue my quest either. Everything is frozen after I got MVP


I’m having the same exact issue


I’m having the same issue’s stuck on the board game after completing 50K spell damage. I did not get MVP to complete it though, but still stucked. The notes for the even say feburary 4th

I’m really am trying to get my Skin for Valla, the blond haired winter elf, hoping i’ll be able to continue with this


My board game is stuck after completing “Plastic Rebel.” The quest shows as completed and progress bar shows 8/8. In the same game I completed the quest, I reached level 10 on a hero and got the hero specific loot chest. I also received the toy chest for completing the board game quest.


Just in case it helps, I also looted the chest before checking the board (oops). I am stuck on the Superheroic Spells quest and can’t roll. I tried resetting my password to see if clearing my cache helped, but then found this - so I guess it’s a bug and not an account issue!


Still no update to this. Is there a way to be credited booster time that I couldn’t use, due to the event I bought it for being down for almost two days?


I have the same issue. Quest broken with a full 2 warrior quest completed. 2/2


having the same issue :[


I did the ‘fix’ to open and close the board menu quickly to fix the quest, but i did three quests and did not receive the bonus loot box. So it is still broken.